They are trying to delay the economic crisis

The banks all around the world are running short of cash. They are receiving insistent orders to print money. The central banks are trying to prevent a crisis by printing unbacked money.

Those who can see that the big companies will collapse want to sell their shares.

Both the Arabian and Chinese people are crying out. Their all expectations and plans are collapsed.

Both Vatican and London in big crises. They don’t know how to direct the field or how to find solutions to their problems.

Germany doesn’t know what to do with Scholz and cannot find a solution. Kamala went to Africa to escape from the very stressful atmosphere.

Also, the senators in the US are in big crises. Everyone is very nervous. The senetors also want to leave everything behind and escape and go somewhere.

Trump is like a cornered mouse. He is having major crises. Those in the group Trump is in are crying out, either. They’ve lost so much money. Those who know that Trump will collapse in the commercial, political and legal field are trying to quietly distance themselves from Trump.

There is no collusion among the alien species as much as before. Their battle for dominance are increasing among them day by day and the collusions are decreasing.

The greens have better control over the others in the underground cities in Iran and the greys want to be efficient in there. It affects the politics and the decisions of the states on earth.

Lately, the number of the mediums and magicians who are killed because of they are useless has increased. I am not mad to those who killed them, I would do the same. The astrologers and mediums must pay the price of being dishonest. There must be a price to pay for ruining people’s lives laughing and deceiving people. Also, the number of the mediums, astrologers and magicians who exposed our signals and died during the conflicts has increased.

Also, the disagreements over the commercial matters cause the most of the political conflicts in the world. The conflicts between those who want to carry out Istanbul’s projects and those who prevent them from doing this reflects the political field. This is the reason in the background of the crisis in Israel.

They adamantly say “no, you will not contact Istanbul” to the people who have no room for action and who are losing their capitals day by day, who continue to make loss everyday. They say “you wil not enter in this kind of businesses and projects” and their internal conflicts are increasing. Being led with so illogical decisions will create tension in every community in the world.

I will not allow Netenyahu and his gang to stay in power in Israel.

Tayyip and his gang have lost most of their control.

There are some Indians who are fighting and saying that “We don’t care about Turkiye, why are we wasting our time trying to damage Turkiye, this doesn’t make any sense. Don’t you see, we are collapsing. We must be realistic and observe the new balances. We should save ourselves.”

They are in internal conflicts and saying that “You only care about fighting against Mfs and forgot about us. You left us no room for action. You are the ones who caused us collapse and go bankrupt. All the groups from around the world who listened to Mfs are getting through the storm with minimal damages but we are collapsing day by day.”

There is no such a country as the USA anymore, it is only a mere appearance now. The aliens’ underground cities are in major crises as well… There are so many dead, accidents, explosions, suicides, damages, malfunctions, collapses both above and under the ground.

There are so many dead among the mediums in the jinn realm and from the alien species. There is a heavy price for attacking Istanbul.

The alien system that artificially climatize around the world is experiencing malfunctions more and more everyday and they cannot correct it. The climate comes back to normal in the areas where they deliberately keep in a desert climate.

As a result, the countries that are artificially greened will return to their normal conditions and will be semi-arid again.

The world’s climate is and will be unable to control when it is returning back to normal at the beginning. Thousands of years later, the climate will be back to normal at the end of a difficult process full of disasters. There will be disasters similar to the Noah’s flood.

We are distrupting the system/device that keeps the peoples under mind control and that prevents the peoples from rebel, struggle or organize against their evil administrators. I said that we will do it. Also, we are breaking the spells that they made them for the same purposes. In the following days, the peoples will be easily organized and overthrow their administrators who are the traitors, the satanists, the masons, the money launderers and even they will be surprised by this.

I will destroy the Masonic Cult which is the organization of the iblees, even I have to kill a couple of billion people… Even I have to collapse tens of countries…

In Azerbaijan, there are divisions among the gang of Aliyev who is a money launderer, traitor, savage, the pawn of England and Israel. The problems that they have are increasing. Because, things are not going well in Azerbaijan. The number of those who collapsed, who killed themselves, who are traumatised, who cannot see ahead and who have lost their hope is increasing rapidly.

Tesla cannot do anything remarkable in Turkiye. The field is available for those who want to collapse with them… They can try anything they want…

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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