Widely accepted misinformation about orange peel must be corrected

Orange peel is not safe to eat. It shouldn’t be recommended and the claims that it is very beneficial to health must be prevented.

The public should be provided with information and instructions about not to use orange peel in making cakes, teas, desserts or ashure dessert.

It speeds up the metabolism much more than normal… It causes headache and migraine… It causes the brain/mind become abnormal by affecting the neurons and makes people more available for mind control… It causes negative mood states… It distrupts the balance of hormons… It causes loss of appetite, indigestion, stomach disorders, also it raises blood pressure and increases the possibility of a heart attack… These are just some of the harms of orange peel.

Someone should tell us what use is the health ministry in Turkiye and who do they serve. Now, it should be clarified if everyone misunderstood the ministry or it should be rebuilt from the ground up. If it is useless, let’s shot down the ministry or we should limit the matters the ministry intervenes and manages and thoroughly reduce the budget. At least our taxes would not be wasted.

Let us choose a truly free and civil expert panel that will really protect the health of the people, and not infiltrated by the masons and satanists as the people of this country. Let us provide them the financial means, places and devices they need. Let us solve the health problems which are caused deliberately and like massacre in Turkiye. I believe that the atmosphere of chaos and arguement will be gone completely in two years. Everyone is curious about everything and want to be careful, but cannot reach reliable and correct information. And, this problem will be fundamentally solved. Therefore, the health of the people will be restored and the health expenses will be reduced in even two years. Thus, the tax rate/burden would fall.

It is not true what is told about lemon peel, as well. Lemon peel also is not something safe to eat for people. There are hundreds of urgent issues like this that the people must be immediately informed accurately. The Armenians, the masons, the profiteers and satanists in the Health Ministry must be collapsed urgently. That path will lead to the Menzil Sect which is a trick of the Armenians. With this occasion, those troublemakers who play the role of muslims will be punished.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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