Whole world will see the humanity clearly very soon

There will be turmoil in Turkiye, the USA and Italy right after Israel.

They will not hesitate to shoot the people who fight for their rights in the USA. They will do the same also in France. Democracy is a lie, they will shoot and kill the civillians…

There will be major rebellions against Vatican. The demonstrators will be fully right and their demonstrations will br legal. But, they will kill the civillians also in Vatican. Very soon, the entire humanity will clearly see that Vatican is a devilry center.

There will be aliens captured in the bionic robots during these struggles and the videos that people will take will be shared around the world. They will try to cut the power and internet to prevent this from happening.

Netanyahu is colluding with the USA and England. There is actually no conflict between them.

They want to make Netanyahu the Tayyip Erdoğan in Israel.

They brought Tayyip to the head of Turkiye to cause trouble through collusions, the blood of the civillians they shed, through the wind they created in the media and the amendments in the laws. They gave him broad authority. They wanted to rule Turkiye through Tayyip and they still do. They have been playing the same games in Azerbaijan which can be called the second Israel and they brought Aliyev who is a human devil at the head of Azerbaijan.

They are trying the same thing in Israel through Netanyahu. But their plan doesn’t work and it is not progressing as they expected. What they do is establishing a dictatorship in the background of democracy claims and they do this through the USA and England which have been presented as the centers of democracy.

The real Democracy and the Republican system have never been applied in any part of the world. They would never allow it.

Ones of the biggest supporters of Netanyahu’s are the king Charles character and the Trump character.

One of the reasons they created the Maraş-based artificial earthquakes was to keep Netanyahu in power. There are also Netenyahu and his government behind this atrocity. There are also Trump, Charles, Putin, Xi, Hamaney, Reisi and also Tayyip and his gang. And also there are Miçotakis and Scholz. In reality, they are like a team and they cannot do anything without informing each other.

The assassination era that I informed you before is about to begin. A high number of peoples will be rebelled and a high number of country leaders will be killed.

During the time, the Ankebut Cult will display assassination games against the opposite leaders who collude with these leaders. They will play an assassination game and there will be fake assassination attempts against the so-called opposite leaders. They will target to increase the votes and the support of the people of the opposite leaders and to replace the pawn leader of the Ankebut Cult with these so-called opposite leaders who are also the pawns of the Ankebut Cult. There will be fake assassination games against Kemal kılıçdaroğlu and Meral Akşener who are the money launderers and traitors.

They would have done this by now but those who follow my publications know that they had to postpone their plans because of I have been making publications about this. They were planning to bomb Anıtkabir and bring Kılıçdaroğlu and his gang in power. They kept experiencing indecisions and internal struggles and they still do.

The Netanyahu party is panicked. They have stepped back due to the reform pressure. They said they will be withdrawn.

This will not solve the problems and the people in Israel will not go back to their homes. This crisis will not over until the Netanyahu government will be overthrown.

When Israel which is the center country that causes turmoil everywhere in the world, the places in turmoil will be worse. The turmoil in Iran will increase. This time, there will be a real turmoil in Syria and there will be a real resistance against Asad. Asad will also be overthrown. One of the parties who keep Asad in power in Syria is Israel…

Tayyip has been colluding with Asad mostly.

There will be turmoil also in Germany. There have already been turmoil in Germany by now by they suppressed it every each time with moves from the front. They cannot suppress it this time and the people of Germany also will overthrow the masons, satanists, human devils, the dogs on leash of the United Kingdom. During the period, the people of Germany will carry out an armed fight. There will so many conflicts.

There will be rebellions in Russia against Putin which is a character who doesn’t exist and a character they use stunts and masks for. These rebellions will be violent and the Russian army who waits for an opportunity to carry out a military coup will do what is necessary. Russia has no longer a real state authority and functioning. Russia would has been already disintegrated into pieces if they wouldn’t have been colluding with the Western parties. Istanbul has said, “I will take Putin out of the game. I will disintegrate Russia.” and it already has done this. Soon, everyone will see it clearly.

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