What does the US not understand about this?

The White House which is the home of terror and sediton has expressed “deep concern” over the latest developments in the lands called Israel. They struck “a deep blow” to democracy that they have repeatedly emphasized.

The true faces of those who tell democracy, human rights stories everyday can be seen clearly in this kind of events. What has been happening in Israel is not only a legal reform crisis, almost all the nation rebelled. They don’t want the unofficial administration. They are trying to overthrow them openly with the civil disobedience and violent demonstrations. What is it the USA don’t understand about it? Isn’t that very clear what everyone need to say about that?

İsn’t it what it needs to be said in the announcements of the opponent parties in the most clear way:

“We call on all the members of the government, especially Netanyahu for resign and not to resist against the will of the people in Israel. We cannot maintain diplomatic relationship with any country who doesn’t comply with the people’s demands. We do not approve an anti-democratic stance, we do not support it”.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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