This is the cause of war

This is an act of war but the traitor Ankara government is unresponsive, again…

The French lawmakers who have mastered every kind of exploitation, occupation, murder, massacre, organ and human smuggling, terror and war crimes have hosted Nuri Mehmud ile Ruksan Mihemed, the so-called speakers of YPG which is the Syrian branch of the PKK that is a drug, human and organ smuggler, also plunderer and massacrist organization, and YPJ which is an offshoot of YPG in the French Senate.

They held a ceremony for the terrorists from the PKK that its hundreds of grave crimes can be proven with tangible evidences and they awarded them “the order of honor”.

Did you see Turkiye showing the necessary response? Did you see Turkiye cutting off the diplomatic relations with France, expelling the so-called French diplomats from Turkiye, banning the entry and the sale of the French products and tens of things that can be made? Did you see us retaliating against them, openly supporting the groups who want to divide and disintegrate France and collapse the government and legalizing them?

It is all because of the masonic organization that they can display arrogance to us in an unlawful way, even though Turkiye can make France fall on its knees in only two hours… It’s all because of our government full of masons, our state institutions full of masons and the General Staff full of masons…

It is the duty of the Turkish people to strangle the Masonic organization and all the masons. Otherwise, none of our grave problems will be solved.

The days of the Ankara government, the so-called political parties who are in collusion with them and the so-called political leaders are numbered. Immediately afterwards, Turkiye will show the world how to make France beg on its knees, how to make them heavily pay the price of their arrogance and how to establish the system of duyun-u umumiye (general debts) to collect the massive reparations that piled up.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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