There is no Putin anywhere

Russia is entering political, financial and military crises and it is deepening the USA’s political, financial and military crises. The Putin character is disappeared, Putin doesn’t exist anymore. They should write an ending for Putin character, a story that happened to him to distract the world humanity and the certain countries should give a direction, a new atmosphere, life to Russia by colluding each other.

Let’s see what kind of a game they will play…
One of the stunts of Putin can have a heart attack when he is on the stand. His plane or helicopter may crash. He can be overthrown in a coup, they can make him seem like he is arrested or shot during the time. They can make him seem like something bad happened to him due to the pressure of the international court of justice. There are so many different possibilities.

No matter which possibility they will choose, but a Putin character can no longer stay in power in Russia and Russia will disintegrate.

The USA will also disintegrate. Everything is very, very imminent.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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