So-called local and national car but still expensive…

They produced domestic and national electric car but they sell them at a higher price, even though it supposed to be cheaper. Consider, it is electric-powered but in spite of this, it is expensive… It is supposed to be domestic and national, but in spite of this, it is still expensive…

You will pay a lot of money for this and its battery will be removed in average of two years (in one year for some people). Do not be deceived that they say in eight years. Batteries’ lifetime depend on how many miles are on the car and the number of recharge and discharge cycles. Those who drive so many miles will cause their battery to drain. You will pay the half the price of the car to replace the battery. Is it like medicine to you?

You always be nervous about when its battery will run out or what if you will stranded on the road while you are driving. You will always be worrying about if the battery will burn or explode, if the weather is extremely hot or if the batteries will cause you a problem when the weather is extremely cold, you will worry if the rainwater reach the batteries and cause a circuit, or what if it started leaking when there are plenty of rainwater on the road. In fact, you will say that “they are very unpredictable, what if they used a very unqualified battery that will burn and explode for no reason”.

It’s not over yet… You will say that, “They already do not have a production line and there are already some car models look like a copy of it. Their parts will be secretly assembled in Italy and the cars will arrive by the ships and will be sold to us. If the production won’t continue, if they no longer assemble and the service and spare parts supply will not be provided, then will my money be wasted?

And many more problems…
I am curious, were your minds damaged or are you starting to enjoy being ripped off, being deceived?

Or maybe the money you stole and embezzled through AKPKK should be a waste. Is there a spiritual aspect of the issue?

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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