Turkiye did not and will not kneel

Türkiye diz çökmedi ve çökmeyecek

Turkiye will not leave its ancient lands called Iran and the 45 million people in those lands to NATO, the USA, Russia, Israel, China or England.

Everyone should be careful about their decisions, their moves. Not only Xi but even if all the so-called world leaders who turn into whipping boys in my hand would go to Iran, they cannot take those lands away from the Turks.

Iran, and especially Isfehan will be saved the most from the system of the dajjal.

I am throwing away, crushing under my foot all the messages that are intented to be given with the artificial disaster attacks.

There are at least 20 million evil people that needs to be smashed in my country. Anyone can destroy it here as much as they want… On the other hand, I’m doing what I have to do to destroy.

One calamity is better than a thousan advices.

The religious and sexual perversion which have increased in the last period of the Ottoman Empire increased faster in the Republican regime that established with the imposition by England. There are demonized people everywhere in Turkiye in these days. There are corrupted, immoral, Godless, merciless, robber, gay, drunk, gambler, cruel people everywhere. There are stone hearted people everywhere who look like human but rotten from the inside and who have lost their humanity.

Therefore, especially the babies, children and women have to live their lives under very hard conditions.

There is no possibility to return those people to the community, as the regime made it up. And the prisons are not functional and it is an unnecessary and a huge burden on our people. Everything is illogical and illegal in this country… A big reset is essential…

Let it break as much as it needs… You will lose more than we will… Do not escape from the game, we will play.

At least the 40 percent of this nation is not of Turkish and muslim descent.

Those who are saying that they are Turkish and muslim, speaking turkish, who discuss islamic matters all the time, who talk about religion, homeland, nation… But do evil works contrary to what they say are not of Turkish and muslim decent.

The half of the population was non-muslim in our country in the last period of the Ottoman empire. Where did these non-muslims go?

Some of them know their descent but they dont care. They don’t recognize the virtues of religion, cause, nation. Some of them don’t know their descent but they wouldn’t care if they knew. They do not worship anything but money, authority, women. Some of them know their real identidy and doing dirty business with their own people. They are the Israel and Armenia among us. They are also exposed and dissolving and they cannot even save themselves.

The real Turkish people was unaware of the situation. They heard it from the Akademi Dergisi, they still do.

Probably only a handful of real Turkish and muslim people have died in the last earthquake region.

Let’s continue to fight. Let’s destroy some of us who look like one of us while destroying ten times as many people in your countries. Evantually, you are the ones losing most of it. What looks like bad always turn into good for us. 

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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