No one should left their money to Tayyip

Is there anyone who Tayyip owed money to?

Time is running out, they cannot keep him in power anymore…

You should also take what Kemal, Bahçeli, Soylu and Meral owe you, don’t be late.

You should take what Biden, Kamala and Trump owe you, without delay.

Because extraordinary events will take place all around the world.

I will cause malfunction of every aircraft in every navy in the world.

I will write it for you in the most sincere way, wheter you take it into consideration or not.

Do not travel to the USA, Canada and the entire American continent… Do not travel, move or flee to England, Israel, Cyprus, Japan, the South and North Korea, Taiwan, Russia, Moscow’s surroundings, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Cuba, the continent of Australia.

Do not bring or send anyone or anything you have in those countries.

Because extraordinary events will take place and you will understand me better in those days.

Turkish Air Lines is in a major crisis, and it is not possible for it to come out of this crisis. You should do what you have to do not to be harmed without any delay, as it is violently collapse. Or do whatever you want…

The alien species also can’t share the Southeastern region of Turkiye, there are conflicts between them.

There is no Putin left but it is unclear what or who is the one we see as Tayyip in appearance…

There have been masks produced with high technology in this planet, even twenty thousand years ago. People who wear these masks could look and talk like a different person. These are ancient techniques…

Some of the people who act like Putin in appearance in the field are the stunts from the humans. They have face work and wear plastic makeup. And some of them are wearing masks which are produced with very high technology.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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