Their targets are too big, as big as the betrayal inside us

They made and still make plans. Their goal to take the eastern and the southestern parts of Turkiye under their control.

Also their goal to dominate all the region by including Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, the South Azerbaijan, Iraq and Syria. They want to implement the projects that I have mentioned and make this region the new center of the world under their control. They supposed to establish the Belde-i Tayyibe on by themselves. They want to stop me, they want to get in my way and to go ahead of me. They are already satanists, the demonized people who have no rules and they started kill the people in the region without a care. They also want to change the political/demographic balances.

Even from now on, they will continue to attack the region with electromagnetic techniques. That is why they dry out the clean water sources rapidly in an scientifically unexplained way. They would already spread the infectious diseases if they could find the appropriate conditions. They will spread it on the first opportunity.

They will also target the dams and power plants and give harm the agriculture. For this purpose, they are trying to prevent people from using the state power of Turkiye, from the beginning. They wanted to make Turkiye seem like a country which have no power and in constant need of foreign support. All the countries and its armies have been prepared for this but I didn’t allow it. Therefore, they couldn’t stop themselves and couldn’t comprehend or evaluate their conditions and they moved in the way they memorized. They gave themselves away. Spain is the forefront of those countries.

They won’t hesitate to destroy anyone in this region. They do not distinguish between the Turks, Jewish, Armenian, Assyrian or Yazidis, Georgian, Muslims or non-muslims, Sunni or Shi’i. They want to take these regions under their control for free without making a purchase, if it’s possible. The announcement of one of their companies, Alarko entering the agriculture business and the moves I made against it is connected to this subject and struggle. The meetings of the high numbers of governments with Asad in the last period is connected to these plans. The plan involves many different states/governments in the world and their armies and Secret Intelligence Services.

They want to find the underground wealth in the region, the Karun’s treasury, the treasuries and the mines around the Gobekli Tepe and Euphrates regions. Then, they want to do mining and treasure hunt. They want to do these activities insidiously in the scope of the projects that they will make them seem like different than what it is.

They will not hesitate to explode the massive gas sources under the ground in the Eastern and the South Eastern regions. They do not need to place bombs in the regions to explode it. It is primitive technology now… They use energy, frequency, magnetic field weapons for these and there are many nuclear power plants that feed them.

They will not also hesitate to explode the refineries and the nuclear power plants in the region. I made warnings about the scrapped power plant of Armenia in the past and they will not hesitate to explode it, either. Maybe at first, they will explode many places in Iran which may explode.

The plans are big, the enemies are many but we have only one big problem: The traitors who work for them have the official administration of our country…

All the opposition, the ruling party and thousands of Armenians, secret Jews, secret Mason bureaucrats are working for them. Also the General Staff of our army is working for them.

At the moment, they are digging the underground of Ankara and its surroundings. They are making big arrangements under the ground. They carve and break some parts of it and they fill some places with water and gas.

They use mole vehicles, the nuclear technology vehicles which can move quickly under the ground.

Lavrov has announced that they will launch mega projects with Azerbaijan but the details have not been announced yet. Some people evaluated that they will enter the petrol and gas business.

It’s interesting that everyone stayed silent on how close Azerbaijan which is a so-called Turkish country and Russia and on the cooperative moves they made at a time when Turkey brutally attacked.

I wrote it from the beginning that they have no serious problems between Russia and Azerbaijan. They were in collusion on the Ukraine issue, they still are. Again, I drew attention to the fact for years that they want to give harm to Turkiye through Azerbeijan.

This process is happening now. The Ankebut Cult is using Azerbaijan which has no connection left with the Turks and run by the enemies of islam/Turk as a card against Turkiye and the Turkic world. They used the lands of Azerbaijan and some devices that are secretly placed on the lands of Azerbaijan for the last artificial earthquake attacks.

The mega projects are nothing but the great plans I have written above. They will enter a huge clean water, clean energy, agriculture, construction, mining, maritime/fishery, every kind of manifacturing and transportation businesses involving the Eastern and the South Eastern region and the lands that I’ve mentioned. They will connect the Black sea to the Khazar sea as I want to do. They will built salty water canals everywhere. They will dry out the Euphrates and will widen and deepen its bed. They will built a wide and deep salty water canal towards Basra.

China is one of the financiers of this huge project… Also India is involved with this very bloody and brutal project… Do not think that the Western side is against it, they are with them and are in on this plan.

As I’ve stated from the beginning, they used the electromagnetic attack systems the most that the USA, China and Russia have for these artificial earthquake attacks.

They brought those so-called officials who seem like vagrants of Armenia which is not even a real country in the disaster regions. It was a message under the projects…

The plan is big, very big and we are short on time.

Do not deceive yourself that it will be delayed, it will be canceled as it was in the past years, because I am writing it publicly. There is no turning back from here. We have to fight. We will maintain our homeland, nation and state. They are in very bad conditions that they cannot wait anymore. All of them are already has gone bankrupt, they are playing their last cards.

The preparations and plannings must be made in Turkiye in case the volcanic mountains explode one after another. The people should be informed initially. If a volcanic explosion occur, the people should know what they need to do at every step of it, from the first moment of the explosion. It is the duty of the government to inform people.

One of the biggest danger for Bursa is a volcanic explosion…

There is a possibility of very violent explosions in the line of Manisa, Uşak and Afyon. These explosions can cause massive earthquakes and then the volcanos may spout ash and lava. This is a very, very high probability. These disasters may occur in Uşak at first, and then in Afyon. Manisa is coming in third in the risk ranking.

These are among the plans of certain countries, armies and the secret intelligence services…

There are massive water masses under the ground in our Aegean region in different spots/locations. There are alien cities under the water masses spreaded in very large areas. Our Aegean region is formed after a volcanic explosion and both humans and aliens made artificial interventions above and under the ground in this region for tens of thousands years. It is very possible that they caused controlled volcanic explosions in the past to shape the region what it is now.

I’ve written that even our borders to the Aegean sea are artificial, it was built by human hands and with the high-tech interventions.

There is a very large water mass under Manisa and it is mentioned in the hadiths about the end times and hz. Mahdi.

There are similar facts also for Muğla and Mersin. There are many places built artificially and there are many underground systems in those cities.

A large number of alien species who have different physical appearances live in a large number of underground cities in our country. The Gog and Magog is only the two of them. Apart from them, there are tens of alien species who live in our world.

Some of the alien species are only one or two inches tall. Some of them have shielded bodies. They have different skin colors, such as green, grey, yellow, brown or blue.

Their head and body proportions are different. Some of them can breath both on land and in the water, easily. Some of them have wings on their back and they can walk on land and fly in the air, easily.

The iblees set up different games/traps for every species… The iblees made almost all of them satanists and connected them to the actual Dajjal who is an alien also…

Most of the species have been led to believe that they will die or will be cursed if they come out onto the Earth. They are raised to be the enemies of the world humanity.

Hz. Mahdi will establish a new world order after he destroy the world system/order of the iblees and the Dajjal and he will also lead those species who survived. The world will be a single State with its above and under. There are four men who led the world as a single State in the past and Hz. Mahdi will be the fifth person.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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