The cartoon called The Smurfs was inspired by alien species

There are alien species similar to the Smurfs and they live under communist rule.

The cartoon series called the Smurfs was produced and released to impose communism to the world humanity.

I’ve told it before in my past posts. The Ninja Turtles was also produced inspired by the alien species. It was released to direct the world humanity. Besides, it was released to acclimate everyone to the pizza culture…

I still haven’t watch the Avatar. I didn’t even look at it since that day. I still haven’t watch Matrix completely. I’ve never watched the Lord of the Rings series. But I know for certain that the ring in the film is the ring of the prophet Sulaiman and that there are messages about the jinn and the alien species in the film.

I have never read a book of David Icke. I know for years that he is a bionic robot. He is replaced for a long time ago. I also know that the greens have the control of the bionic robot.

The ones in the bionic robot are so ugly that even David Icke who is hard to look at would seem like an angel.

I have never read a book of Erich von Daniken, I didn’t even read an article of him and never wathced a video of him.

I know that those books haven’t written by his own work, research and his own knowledge.

Erich is one of the characters who are “game within the game”.

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