I’ll tear them down

I said for Putin that “even if there are millions of copies of you, I will end you…”

I am saying the same thing for this indian monkey.

I will end the Sunak character and the human and alien parties that are using this character, even if there are millions of copies of him. I will respond them in the same way they have been responding, and I will not distinguish their civilians. They will be finished on the political, military, financial, medical fields. They will be finished both above and under the ground. Those who see their ending will say “they are cursed”.

I swear, it will not take long.

I will end the character of Lavrov, as well. I swear, I will end the character of Lavrov and all the human and alien parties who are using and protecting him, even if they have millions of copies of him, even if all the satanists want to save him, even if they create hundreds of artificial earthquakes with using the resources of Russia’s technical means.

This will not take long, either.

I will end Modi who is another indian monkey. No matter how many copies they have, the ending will not change. I will finish him, those who work with him and those who protect him with all the connections of him. All the alien and human parties who led him, used and supported him before, during and after the Maraş-based attack will be destroyed on this planet. The underground in that region will turn into a living hell.

I swear I will kill at least five hundred million demonic people in the country called India and full of satanic gypsies.

I swear, I will destroy the character of Netanyahu even if they have billions of copies of him and those who worked with him, who supported him in this process.

I am writing it down here, I will go back and remind you in a short time.

I swear, I will crush and destroy Israel, that there will be no Israel left. I will conflict with them in the same way they do, I will not distinguish the civilians.

I swear, I will destroy those arrogant Jews who are black moneyers, loan sharks, organ smugglers, those behind every dirty work and evil.

I swear, I will destroy en masse every alien species who are replaced themselves with the Jews both under and above the ground, with their cities and civillians.

I will not write it one by one. Everyone knows everyone and everything. I swear I will start the process of the Dabbat-al Ard. I swear, I will not let anyone who is guilty go unpunished on above and under the ground.

Why can’t you go back to Ankara?
The people of the region don’t want to see you, you get fired without saying right-wing or left-wing.
Where are you lingering at? They must have given up, they won’t overthrow Ankara, go back…

Wait a minute. Are you afraid of the probability of a coup?

You have never been that much exposed, you have been caught in the act. Are you afraid of getting shot by someone in Ankara?

If you keep acting this way, you will never open the so-called parliament again. So, go back to Ankara…
Don’t be afraid, there are ships everywhere of the countries who you have been slaves to. There are still American and NATO bases on our land. You didn’t hear it from me, but the condition they are in is no different from you. I don’t know, do something.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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