There is no disaster of the century but betrayal of the century

It is the attack of the century.

Are those who want to move towards the (BOP-GMEP) determined to establish the Great Kurdistan?

We will rise up with our people and clash when they attempt to take in the Syrians from our border.

There will be no mercy for the so-called members of the press who are making news and saying “disaster-victim Syrians in the North Syria” and “we have to support” to prepare the public opinion. The time has come to waste the so-called lawyers and the members of the press.

Put those who died at the scene and died after being taken into custody in body bags and burry them in mass graves among the so-called refugee plunderers, include the so-called lawyers and the members of the press with them. Do not put a signature for the so-called lawyers and members of the press part.

A follower of Akademi Dergisi: Sir, they are dropping off Syrians with buses at our courses in the earthquake regions to stay there.
We have the videos from the region.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya: We didn’t expect anything else from those traitors. It was clear that they were going to do this. They put at England’s, Israel’s disposal all of our courses. I shared posts yesterday at the channel about it for you to recognize it.

We must be prepared for volcanos can be formed in and around Uşak and Afyon right after a major earthquake. The plannings and preparations must be made about how to evacuate the people of the region, if this occurs.

Israelis are making satanic rituals like crazy. They are targeting me but attacking all of Turkey. You should also work with metaphysicians. Do not disregard the metaphysical front. The patriots among our military and law enforcement agency shouldn’t be far from the metaphysical realities. They should proceed with caution.

We will break the siege. We will deport more than ten million so-called refugees to Europe by force. No one should feel hopeless. We are so close…

We will deport them and we will seal off our borders/doors.

Everything has turned upside down. They are very exposed. They couldn’t create new earthquakes. They couldn’t scare or suppress the people. They couldn’t break the resistance that I have organized. They couldn’t use the plunderers and the separatists as well. The elements of the enemies were useless, also. The traitor Ankara government has collapsed. The secret Jews and Armenians have been exposed and collapsed. They cannot use the judicial system as they want. No one wants to be executed. No one wants a bullet in the head.

Therefore, they are making a heavy metaphysical attack to kill me. Talk to the metaphysicians, they can tell you how we tease the attackers…

Soon, we will crush them in the real field, besides the metaphysical field.

What we have done to the so-called refugee plunderers have scared them as well. The wholehearted punches, kicks, batons and the bullets of our heroic soldiers and policemen scared them so much.

Now, the things will be reversed, will turn against them. They will create a few more artificial disasters to prevent this but they cannot save themselves.

They are sure that we will leave them with nothing, even their power plants will be unable to work. They are in shock because of this.

They have tried to do everything by pushing people’s buttons, by crushing our people who are in pain but it backfired. They are shocked by this also.

They thought everyone will remain silent when Tayyip throws threats and insults to silence the people.

They never thought that I could ruin their plans this way from the first minute until now.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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