We won’t step back

This artificial disaster we have experienced and the potential disasters we might experience in the future will not make us to step back in the political field.

We will overthrow AKPKK and the so-called opponents simultaneously. Whatever the price, Turkey will gain its true freedom. We have the same stance as we had before this artificial disaster and we will continue our struggle without slowing down. Artificial disasters cannot take the trapped traitors, our internal enemies away from us.

The field will be mobilized in the coming days and guns will speak. The artificial disasters, the violent behaviors exhibited after the disaster, the foreign so-called rescue teams they wanted to bring into country made the atmosphere of the field really tense and there is no reason to be patient.

Come on to the field… We will shoot them and cut them off, we are rising up. Let the chips fall where they may…

When I wanted to keep the tension high, kept warning repeatedly, when I said “take precautions” and “it has been delayed again but it cannot be delayed any longer”…

When I said “there is a huge risk not only for the western regions but for everywhere in our country”…

We haven’t forgotten the fraud astrologers and mediums who kept saying “there could be earthquakes in 2023 but there will not be major, destructive earthquakes”. We will shoot them also or we will prosecute the rest of them transparently and hang them.

Because they didn’t talked like that mistakenly. They talked like that because they are working for the enemies of this country and nation, because they are taking money and instructions from them… Their true identity, true religion and true connections/organizations are already known.

They couldn’t mention my name but everyone knew who they were talking to. Everyone saw how cynical and arrogant their attitudes were.

The Arabians says, “this earthquake will not work either, it will be revealed that we are in bad condition”.

The joy of the aliens who live in the underground cities was short-lived.

I will not delay the revenge of anything, if they take only one step for the NATO. I will start the process of the internal conflict and the coup. Everyone needs to know his place.

There are those who give orders “no deputy will speaks”.

The so-called deputies who are actually traitors have a concern about an occupation in Turkey. They are worrying about if the occupation attempt backfires and they will be put in prison.

There are groups in Europe that are fighting and saying “what have you done? Are you all idiots?” They say “this will not confined to Turkey. You orchestrated our end. This resistance in Turkey will spread to the surrounding countries first, and then, it will spread around the world”.

What would you do if the dead bodies of the people in the rescue teams you have sent to Turkey will come back to you? Mfs have no mercy, he can shoot them. The people and the soldiers are already fed up. They are arguing, saying that “this will end up with people’s rebellion”.

There are those among the company owners who are saying “Did we say to destroy the country? What did they do?”.

There are those among the European governments who have highest level of concern about losing their control, to be overthrown.

The character of Tayyip keeps cursing me and he is still trying to arrange the conditions for Ankebut Cult to make an organ harvest in the disaster area.

The people around the area should take photographs and videos of the babies, children, adults, everyone who have been rescued alive from the wreckage…

Investigations will start immediately for those who are missing even though they have been rescued alive from the wreckage. The rescue teams, law enforcement officers, police commissioner, the mayors and prosecuters in the area will be investigated first. It should go wherever it leads, countries it leads.

There is no need to waste a bullet…
On behalf of the Turkish nation and one bullet. Everyone knows the rules.

Everyone in Turkey must prepared their disaster supplies packes. Those who have cars should put the essential equipments/supplies in their cars to spend the night. The artificial disaster attacks may took place in any region in Turkey, at any time. We will not panic. We will be organized. We will get through these days.

We will see in the near future that there is great goodness at what seems bad. The recent earthquakes were not aftershocks. Some of them were new attacks. Tayyip and the so-called opponents who are in collusion with him are burried under the wreckage already. Turkey is breaking out of its shell and it is running towards its true freedom and the happy days. But it is happening with great pain at the same time.

I promise my nation, I will take our revenge from all the countries who did these attacks today. Everyone will pay for what they did. Use the available public resources and mobilize it without being prevented by the government and the governers who are acting like crime organization leaders. Crush the governers who does not allow to the use of the resources under their control. There is no government in Turkey at the moment. There is a covert occupation attempt.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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