Struggling against the Devil | Interpretation of Dreams

I was fighting with the Iblees in my dream. I threw him down to the ground on his back. He was barely unconscious. He seemed like he can’t stand up. I didn’t miss this opportunity, I held his feet before he stood up. I lifted him up and threw him down to the ground. Then again, I lifted him up and threw him down. I kept doing it. I was throwing him down very hard every single time. I counted each time and I continued, even tough my arms got tired. I threw him down to the ground for thirty times and I said “He is dead, now”.

The place where we were was very dim, nearly dark. There were men of the iblees around us. The iblees has never let those men of him go down to the field until that day and they have never being exposed. In the dream, I knew that the men have to go down to the field, now… But, they were not even a problem for me.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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