I’ll wait until the end of today’s working hours

I will wait until tonight, until the end of the shift (p.m 17:00) in Turkey.

If the Meloni government in Italy has not explicitly chosen their side and hasn’t done the move that clearly means that they have declared their side, until then… Their time will end.

All the Italy related projects will be canceled, will be shelved and will not come down from the shelf at least for 20 years. I will never allow any attemps to implement them.

I am in no hurry about the projects. I can wait, even if I have to wait for a thousand years. One of the things I have learned the best in my entire life is patient… I can show patience more than my enemies can ever understand.

If Italy will not take a stance on Istanbul’s side until the end of the shift, I will wipe Italy off and their country will expose to the most intense signal in Europe and the country the political, military and financial balances will loom over in the heaviest way will be Italy. Terrible things will happen to them, in a very short time. They will hit the rock even harder than Asad.

I’m tired of the dirty attitudes, dirty politics of this world… I will bring humanity to this world. One way or another, I will clean up this world, I will fix it. Everyone must have a spine. Terrible things will happen to those who want to live like a spineless. I have dozens of alternative plans already.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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