Mfs effect

Medvedev who is the deputy chairman of the Security Council of Russia has said:

Victory will be ours, just as before in 1982 and 1945. This bionic robot talked nonsense… There was no Mfs factor on those days. But, it exist today.

And Mfs has said to the Russians from the beginning, “Whether you will be victorious through war, or you will be disintegrated through war.” They didn’t listen to me. They hit the hard rock.

As they were being cornered, untill yesterday, they were saying that “China is our true ally” but I was saying that “there is no real alliance between Russia and China and they cannot have”. And shortly thereafter, the facts are clear now. China does not even care about Russia. China who didn’t listen to Istanbul is unaware of its surroundings because it is busy with its own problems.

Without the bionic robots in the UN and in the USA who work for Russia or more precisely who work for the alien group that have the control of Russia, without the balance of aliens behind the scenes, it would have already been destroyed dozens of times.

It seems like I will write one more article soon, and I will say “See, Russia was supposed be victorious, look what’s happened?”.

I hit Russia so hard and collapsed it and now not only aliens, even Superman cannot save Russia, from that moment.

By the way, where is Putin? Is he alive?

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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