These things have taken too long

We have to resolve Asia’s issues and achive a balance in Asia. This has gone too far…

If the Communist Party of China must have a harder internal fight, then it should have, it has to take a clear stance…

I am preventing China’s enemies from striking the final blows to China because it benefits Turkey and the Turkic world.

I collapsed China rapidly and threw it in front of its enemies and I built a balance to prevent China from taking the blows and collapse completely.

But China couldn’t get rid of its anti-Turkic/Islamic point of view and its harsh Chinese behavior.

It is beginning to be an unnecessary burden to me and my system to keep China in existence any longer. It does not benefit us to carry it, if China will not stop following a wrong policy even if it will be disintegrated and even destroyed.

China that cannot pay the salaries of its state officials… That cannot afford the public expenses… That cannot help develop its manufacturers… That will not be able to solve its problems in the field of real estate for tens of years… Should make the decision that will determine its fate.

Either it will be destroyed in a short time by continuing to challenge us or it will accept the fact that Istanbul has won and and will obey Istanbul.

China’s final decision that will determine its fate will also determine the fate of Japan, Taiwan, the South Korea and India.

At the same time, it will determine how and when the East Turkistan gain its freedom.

Wheter China will insist on its wrong decisions or it will obey Istanbul, the East Turkistan will gain its freedom. But there are different scenarios, different possibilities for the fate of Japan, Taiwan, the South Korea and India.

I will wait for only a few more days. And then, China will make its decision and I will direct the field according to its decision. I will interpret its silence and unresponsiveness as a continuation of its current wrong stance.

And I no longer waste time with anyone’s explanations. I expect concrete/clear moves from all the parties. From now on, everyone will have their say with their actions, moves, works, interferences and will show who’s side they are on

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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