The Ankebut Network will be collapsed more just like dominoes

It is obvious to everyone who is logical and reasonable that China, Russia, the South Korea, Japan, Iran, the USA, the UAE, the Saudi America, Qatar and London which holds the strings of these countries have defeated by Istanbul. From now on, there is nothing England can do against Istanbul, they know that no matter what they try, it will not work, they cannot reach a conclusion. Despite this, they intervene, fight for an early election to be held.

Turkey is the heart of the Ankebut Cult, I’ve been saying this for years. I have been fighting to make this heart stop. Now, this heart is in my hand and its heartbeat is so weak. If I squeeze it, I can stop its heartbeat completely. And I intend to squeeze it harder, to stop its heartbeat completely.

When the heart stops, the Ankebut Cult will openly collapse like dominoes this time around the world. England and thus the Royal family wants an election in Turkey, a new atmosphere, foreign capital, investment, foreign currency to come into Turkey, they want the movement increased to not let that happen. But, all their attempts in the last two weeks hit the hard rock. Even the capital-owning arabs that are the pawns of London were embarrassed and shocked.

Now… London will want to make moves for cash by robbing the arabs, as a last resort and this will be the beginning of the arabs’ disaster. This is how the pawns end up. While London is collapsing, it cause the USA, Russia, China, Arab countries, Iran and everywhere to collapse. London made the atmosphere tense unnecessarily with irrational decisions many times in the last months and caused the tools under its command trouble and paid them prices unnecessarily. But it seems that, London will keep this attitude which on the one hand is an incomparable opportunity for us.

It is already clear that the conflicts and tension on the political, financial and religious fields will increase. I am stoping the heart of Turkey and I am writing it openly that the initial reflex will be seen in the USA. There have already been major bankruptcy and collapse in Turkey, the USA and the arab countries but now there will be a lot worse than this, openly.

The early adopters among the big insurance companies will minimize their loss. From now on, the world stock markets are like minefields. It is absolutely necessary to get away from the stock markets, companies, investments and invest in gold and mines to secure the capital.

There is no overtime anymore, the game is almost over. The final whistle is about to blow and the outcome of the game is certain.

Europe will try to survive by exploiting the small countries and obtain bloody and black money from there, after the stock market crashes.

They may start a colluding war between China and Japan to gain time for the ongoing financial crises.

This will be a move intented to obtain bloody and black money, just like the Russia-Ukraine war.

There are those who want to bring China and Russia closer to each other and want them to do business together, to increase the resistance, to survive, to not go bankrupt openly.

Those under the cities giving up on those above the ground. They will not stop and brutally use their tools against Istanbul.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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