Useless, unreasonable resistance

I written and said that Iran is collapsed, finished and all that’s left is to carry out a military operation, to own the 45 million Turks as a nation and as a government and that the traitor Ankara government is resisting to do this.

The recent events in Iran made it quite clear. There is actually no state system/authority left in Iran. The rest of it is about to collapse. Also there is no Iran finance left. Their resistance against me didn’t win anyone. Time was always against my enemy, it still is.

Now, the Ankebut Cult is trying to prevent us from officially annexing, including our ancient lands called Iran into our lands. They’re trying in vain. Neither those who are under the ground nor those who are above the ground can take Iran from me.

The same can be said for Greece, as well. I have set up all the conditions already. Also, Greece is not even a real state. They are showing resistance in vain. They hope to stop us. They explicitly trying to prevent the annexation of the lands by us.

They are also trying in vain on this matter. It is a few hours of work at most to overthrow the high command of my military and Ankara government… All the fronts around the world know that we will do that by maintaining the world balances and anything can happen at any time.

It is possible for us to take our lands back without going into a real war with Iran and Greece. It is not even possible for Iran to win the war if it goes into a war with Azerbaijan. The people in Iran definitely will not obey the administration, they will not be soldiers. None of the 45 Million Iranian-Turks will be pro-Iranian. It is impossible for an Iran in these conditions to enter into a war with Turkey.

The Azerbaijan front is moving forward very well. Soon, the real Turks will take over Azerbaijan, either. No matter where they are in the world, those who try to stop my plans, goals like these are taking the blows they deserved and they will, even if they are under the ground.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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