They are taking precautions to make sure that no influential person in the country could talk about the South Azerbaijan. They have distracted this nation by colluding with Greece, they wanted to hide the debt collapse, the disgrace, the unlawfulness, various crimes by keeping the media’s agenda busy…

I took the Greece issue seriously, changed the conditions and turned it in favor but they did not even care. In fact, they fought against us, they still do. In fact, they are sending lots of money to the media and press officers who work for themselves in Greece, in order to try to direct the public opinion of Greece. They only care about keeping Greece out of trouble.

But in reality, there is no country/authority called Greece. A little they, a little European countries, a little the USA and England are directing, dragging Greece away… Turkey might not even need to go to a war to take back their lands under occupation and called Greece. This is the real situation but the tratiors at the head of our state allow their so-called Chief of Defence Staff to come to the islands right under our nose and put on a show.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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