They were not maggots…

The prophet Ayyub suffered the famous illnesses because of the Ankebut Cult’s metaphysical attacks against him.

He was a very rich prophet. He had large fields, so many animals and workers and beautiful children. The Ankebut Cult wanted to harm them all. They even made metaphysical and technological attacks against his animals. They constantly attacked his large fields and crops around Damascus. They also attacked his workers with metaphysics and magic and pulled them away from him. As a result, they ruined the prophet Ayyub’s business, income and life, they even killed his children.

The satanists who are the members of the Iblees’ system which is the Ankebut Cult from all over the world showed no mercy to him. They continued sending metaphysical signals to the prophet Ayyub simultaneously and they wanted to kill him. They also didn’t care about that he was an Israelite prophet.

The magicians among them were performing heavy magical spells simultaneously. He was living with tens of thousands or even sometimes hundreds of thousands spells simultaneously. He was constantly praying against the magic. Expect all of these, they were attacking him with a high number of devices sending metaphysical signals.

At the same time, a very high number of satanists were sending towards him dark energy by performing satanic rituals that they sacrifice innocent people. They were torturing people’s boddies they were killing in the satanic rituals to make the prophet Ayyub sick and kill. They electrocuted some of them. They poured chemical substances to some of them to rot the skin and the flash. They were throwing some of them to wild animals to rip them apart. They were burning some of them and gouging out the eyes of some of them. They were trying everything unhumane.

Thousands of true prophets martyred in a short time because of these collective metaphysical attacks. The prophet Ayyub had more time to live. Deaths are the measures of Allah and Allah kept him alive…

The prophet Ayyub suffered unimaginable pains for years and years… Some of them were unbearable depression and some of them were physical weight and pains. He never rebelled against Allah.

There was no maggots in his body. There was not maggots visible to the eye in his body. The heavy metaphysical signals, a very, very high number of magic spells and the devices sending metaphysical signals were affecting the atoms of the prophet Ayyub’s body.

As a result, there were connection problems between the cells of his body. Therefore, his blood values and hormones were disrupted. As a result, microorganisms formed in his body. The things called the maggots were actually the microorganisms. Normally, a person cannot stay alive even one day with this heavy metaphysical attacks and these serious physical/health problems and die.

Even though he had a large circle, everyone left him alone in time. Even his relateds left him. They didn’t want to understand and accept his conditions. He had fallen into poverty from a great wealth and on the other hand, he was left alone simultaneously.

Only one who stayed with him was his wife and our mother Rahime. The satan whispered her a lot and set her traps. The satan wanted to change her decision/stance and wanted to pull her away from the prophet Ayyub. But he couldn’t achieved his goal. Our mother Rahime who stayed alive with him when he was wealthy didn’t leave the prophet Ayyub when he was sick and poor and she became one of those who won the test.

When the time came, when Allah measured his test to be ended, the prophet Ayyub was given very powerful metaphysical abilities. The prophet Ayyub started to attack the magicians, mediums, devices, vehicles, their political leaders, money launderers, the ritualists and all his system with metaphysics. Our mother Rahime was inolved in the metaphysical conflicts as much as she could and supported him. After a while, they became wealthy again. Allah gave him beautiful children again. Also, Allah gave him youth and healt.

The similar diseases the prophet Ayyub suffered will be seen in a very, very high number of demonized humans in the End Times when dabbatul-ard emerge across the whole world. All of the demonized humans in question will die. their boddies will become slow/heavy, there will be problems in their nerve systems, they won’t be able to take care of themselves and eat healthy. Also, their businesses will be distrupted, their companies will collapse because they won’t be able to take care of the business. In the following process, the arguements and fights will increase, their families will be ruined. Some of them will be bedridden, microorganisms will be formed in their boddies. The doctors won’t be able to diagnose the disease and some of them will die. Some of them will die in seconds and some of them will die in hours. The boddies of some will melt like solution. They will turn into black liquids.

Dabbatul-ard who is Hz. Mahdi will take the revenge of tens of thousands of prophets and countless innocent people who had been martyred with metaphysical attacks, the poor people and even babies and children who had been killed in the rituals. He will  turn the world into a hell for the members of the Ankebut Cult and then, he will send them to the real hell with crowded groups of people.

Hz. Mahdi will take all the revenge has to be taken in the End Times. He will kill the Iblees in the morning of the Apocalypse and then, the Apocalypse will happen.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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