Shocking truths told in Surah Duhan

(10-11) Wait then ˹O Prophet˺ for the day ˹when˺ the sky will be veiled in haze,1 clearly visible, overwhelming the people. ˹They will cry,˺ “This is a painful torment.

(12) Our Lord! Remove ˹this˺ torment from us, ˹and˺ we will certainly believe.”

(13) How can they be reminded when a messenger has already come to them, making things clear, then they turned away from him, saying, “A madman, taught by others!”?

(15) Indeed, We will remove ˹that˺ torment for a while, and you ˹Meccans˺ will return ˹to disbelief˺.

(16) ˹Then˺ on the Day We will deal ˹you˺ the fiercest blow, We will surely inflict punishment.

What does Dukhan mean?

The word “Dukhan” in the surah Ad-Dukhan doesn’t mean haze.

The word “Dukhan” means “smoking”. It doesn’t only mean “the smoke of a fire”.

There are things in the world that are smoking without fire.

Broadcasting by radio waves and sending metaphysical signals is to spread smoking.

Smoking means releasing smoke, steam, signals or similar things out of something and spreading them into the air. Therefore, it would be incorrect to say that the word “dukhan” means “haze”.

The Dukhan event that will surround the entire world and humanity which is one of the greater signs of qiyamat doesn’t meant that the world will be filled with smoke that will be visible.

When you look at the very controversial verses in Qur’an after the correct informations, everything can be understood for sure.

One of the topics for discussion is that if the surah Ad-Dukhan is about the past or the future…

The surah Ad-Dukhan mention about both the past and the future.

First, I will quote from some sources…

According to the acceptance which is attributed to Abdullah Ibn Mesud, Our prophet saw that the Mecca polytheists and especially Quraish insist on resisting against islam and increasing the torture to the muslims and he prayed Allah to punish them with a similar famine in the era of the prophet Yusuf. Our prophet’s prayer was accepted and the Meccans suffered a great famine.

During the famine, the Meccans who had to eat carcasses and bones started to sea a haze around them. Therefore, they asked our prophet (pbuh) to pray Allah for the disaster to disappear and they promised him that they will believe when the famine is removed.

But they increased their resistance and tortures when the disaster started to disappear due to the pray of our prophet (pbuh). According to Abdullah Ibn. Mesud the Dukhan in the verse in question points out the famine and the haze, and batshatal kubra points out the defeat of the polytheists in the battle of Badr.

This is one of the most controversial subjects throughout the history of the ummah… The famine mentioned in the source never happened. When all the routes were open in Mecca and when there was no enemy siege or something else that stopped the trade caravans, when there was no famine in the surrounding countries, it is already not possible for Mecca to suffer this level of famine in such a short time. Allah is capable of everything and can create extraordinary events to happen. But this is not what happened in this event…

The problem was not the people with no food, the problem was the people’s boddies became strange. They were eating, drinking as usual but their boddies seem like they were starving. Even though they were eating as usual, their boddies were getting weak and got sick rapidly. On the other hand, they were dying one after another.

Because, our prophet (pbuh) hitting them with his own metaphysical signals. As all the prophets who did the same to the peoples have gone astray and resisted on denying throughout history… There were also metaphysicists among the disbelievers in Mecca. They knew the truth from the beginning and they told the truth to the people of Mecca after a while. The disbelievers believed it when they heard it from the magicians and oracles they trusted and they came to our prophet and said they will believe him when the event they were experiencing is stopped.

They even begged our prophet.

This is the event mentioned in the surah Ad-Dukhan. It is mentioned that this torment were removed from those disbelievers who have gone astray even though it is known that they will not believe. It is mentioned that their generations will continue to stay in the same path until the doomsday and the same metaphysical attacks will happen all over the world in the era of Hz. Mahdi. It is mentioned that this kind of a torment will happen to them when they least expect it and when they didn’t believe and doubt. When the event called “Dukhan” happen in the End Times, this event will be one of the most important events of the world history. A very high number of humans and aliens will be exposed to the metaphysical signals and die. Those who will not die will suffer incredible pains, diseases, they will experience a constant famine and hunger and then die. The “Dukhan” event is linked to the dabbatul-ard who is a human and what he will do.

There are other parts and very shocking details of the story that should be told. That’s enough for now… I will tell the details when the time has come and after some events happened.

It is safe to implicitly say this much of it now:

  • The disbelievers in the Mecca were also supported by the Iblees, the crowds of jinns under command of the Iblees, the satanic alien parties who worshipped the Iblees, the Counsil of the Ankebut Cult, the metaphysicists and advanced technology. Despite all of these, they fell into that condition in such a short time…

They were filthy people who worshipped material power. They saw the power. They were shocked, they couldn’t believe. Even though he can easily do it, our prophet Muhammad Mostafa (s.a.s) didn’t kill them en masse. Because this is the place we are tested. The world also needs bad people and disbelievers to create the testing conditions. There can be no day without night. Warmth cannot be known without cold. There can be no high without low. There can be no health without diseases. These don’t end up counting. Everything exists with its opposite part in the universe.

Also, Allah is fair. Allah gives victory even to the non-muslims, polytheists and the Iblees when they deserve, when they struggled a lot. It was Allah’s will that those peoples’ descendants continued and insidiously spread mischief in the world because of the various reasons. And it happened…

But the message, “Your authority will continue only to 2024. Your system/network will continue to exist. Then, suddenly the Dukhan/smoking/metaphysical attacks will find you. Moreover, this time it will occur all over the world.” was given to them.

  • The prophet Moses and his story were mentioned in the continuation of the surah Ad-Dukhan is not without reason. The era of the prophet Moses was the era that metaphysics was used in the most common and dangerous way. That’s why the prophet Moses was given high level of metaphysical ability. The prophet Moses used his metaphysical abilities throughout his life. “The white hand miracle of the prophet Moses” is related to this. He had a metaphysical ability on the level of miraculous. He could destroy the world an even the worlds on his own. He could attack with metaphysics and kill all the soldiers of the armies of tens of states and he could break all the vehicles and devices by distance on his own and in a short time.

Duhan suresinde anlatılan sarsıcı hakikatler 2

  • It is not also without reason the Zaqqum tree was mentioned in the surah Ad-Dukhan. This is subject for another time and I will tell it when the time comes. But I can tell that there is resemblance between everything in the world and the afterlife. The sun is the example in theis realm of the tree called Tuba in heaven. There is also an example of the Zaqqum tree in the world and these facts are mentioned in the surah Ad-Dukhan to those who can understand it. The example of the Zaqqum tree is linked to the Dukhan event.
  • The torment in the Hereafter of those who denied the prophets and Rasuls/Messengers who service in the way of the prophets, those who called them insane, those who continue to follow the Iblees even though they have seen the truths in a certain way are mentioned in the Surah Ad-Dukhan.

The verses in the surah Ad-Dukhan, “Like molten metal, it will boil in the bellies.” “Like the boiling of hot water.” and “Then pour over their heads the torment of boiling water.” have different reasons. There are similar torments in the world to the torments in the Hereafter. It is understood that thesimilar torments will hit/find the people who follow the Iblees and those who work for him during the Dukhan and dabbatul-ard events. It is understood that it will be seen by everyone in the world. It is understood that the torment that is smoking from inside and outside in the Hereafter will also be experienced in the world and everyone will see it. It is understood that a very, very high number of humans and aliens in the End Times will die due to this.

These messages are given in the rest of the surah, ˹The wicked will be told,˺ “Taste this (pain, torment, metaphysical attack). You mighty, noble one!(You were a member of the Iblees’ organization. Even though you knew that the religion of islam is the true religion, you didn’t leave the Iblees’s organization. You did every kind of evil and thought that you will not be punished for it. This is the torment you knowingly denied…). These messages both about the End Times and the Hereafter. This is a big and divine warning to the Ankebut Cult…

It is said to our prophet, “Wait then! They too are certainly waiting.” in the rest of the surah. It means that they will find what they are waiting for when the End Times come. It also means that they will find what they are waiting for when they go to the Hereafter.

There is also this part of it that the Iblees already knows what will happen to him both in the world and in the Hereafter. He is given immortality until the Apocalypse. He will die in the day of Apocalypse and he will find the punishment he deserves.

  • Again, attention is drawn to the metaphysics in the surah Ad-Dukhan and it is said…

“And indeed, We chose the Israelites knowingly (spiritual/metaphysical knowledge) above the others.(There was no one who are more advanced than them). And We showed them signs (That will give you reward if it will be used for good and it will guide you to a huge punishment of the Fire if it will be used for evil.) in which there was a clear test.”

(The very deep and mysterious knowledge that Harut and Marut taught)

-In the surah Ad-Dukhan;

It is said, “The Day no kith or kin will be of benefit to another whatsoever, nor will they be helped.” It means that (Those who became satanists, those who joined the organization of the Iblees and operate with him in an organized way, those who spread mischief in an organized way will not be able to take any help from the Iblees.)

This message and warning is also related to the world and the Hereafter.

It is said, “In the End Times, the Iblees won’t be able to protect the groups of people and the nations he led astray who are the members of his organization. He won’t able to help them. He will be weak as always.”

On the other hand, it is also said, “The Iblees won’t be able to protect the members of his organization during the Judgement day and the torment in the Hereafter.)

For now, even this is too much. We do believe and I will tell more when all these are happening in a short time and after it happened.

It is not without reason the Qur’an verses and the hadiths are not that everyone can understand. It is to prevent the flow of life from being ruined and to prevent the enemy organizations of Allah, the prophets and the righteous persons from understanding those information in a certain level and do insidious moves…

When the dabbatul-ard and the dukhan events happening, the members of the armies under control of the Ankebut Cult will die the most. They will die in terrible ways.

Everyone who remained human and not being satanic must immediately leave the armies of the USA, England, Canada, China, Russia, Israel, the UN countries, Japan, the South Korea, the Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the like. They must quit without wasting time. If this is not possible, they even must escape and stay away from there.

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