Let me narrate you the truth

These crypto-ID traitors often talk about ”what’s happening in CERN, what is the goal?” on Tv or on youtube but they never tell the truth.

CERN is also a satanic project… A very very high number of satanic rituals are taking place in there. During the rituals against humanity, and mostly against the Turkish muslims and Istanbul, they sacrifice humans of all age and gender and also animals to the Iblees. They are torture, rape and do all kind of devilry during the rituals and at the same time, collectively and very dark magic is being made by those rituals. The goal of the rituals are to cloud the minds of humanity, to make it difficult to understand the subjects and to make them unresponsive against every kind of devilry.

But, the real goal of CERN is not to perform rituals. Their main goal is to pass through the mount Qaf, the energy shield called Van Allen Radiation Belt which is also called the Dhul-Qarnayn wall. They are doing in-depth studies and expriments in CERN to find a way to break down this wall.

Those who doing these studies are not human beings and not the world’s states. Those who behind these studies are the alien species who are trapped in the world for at least 8 thousand years because they couldn’t pass through the wall and who live in the underground cities.

The center of the studies is London in appearance. All the harmful works for humanity, all the satanists, all the projects/companies are eventually connected to London.

Dilara Sayan, Olgun Aydoğdu and Serhat Ahmet Tan in this show are secret armenians and they are working consciously for the London-based. system. That is how they can appear on tv, earn good money. They have already sold their souls to satan.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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