Everything will happen so fast

Everyone is playing their own game in Iran right now. Games are played within games, but we will be the winners. In the Iranian issue, the London-based satanic system will lose. The so-called mullahs, those black-money traitors, who have been exploiting the Iranian people in material and moral fields to this day, in collusion with England, will be overthrown. Khamenei is already dead. It is not Khamenei in appearance, but the person playing the role of Khamenei will also be overthrown.

Southern Azerbaijan will be included in our lands very soon. We will have lands down/south to the Persian Gulf. From there to the east, the lands from under the Caspian Sea to Turkmenistan and Afghanistan will be included in our borders. Before the Iran crisis ends, Iraq will also get involved, and the London-based system will lose there too. During this turmoil, we will also send so-called refugees to countries. We will definitely block the flow of refugees to Turkey. We will openly begin implementing a “foreign policy that solves problems at the center.”

We will never allow the “just” and “lawful” struggle currently underway in Iran to fade. We will defeat all collusive parties. Only those who stand by Istanbul sincerely can be in the “winners club” at this stage. During this struggle, we will “openly” stand by the region’s people with all our state means. We will not refrain from making military interventions when necessary. If there are presumptuous states, we will always be ready to engage in military conflicts with them. I will also make interventions to accelerate and facilitate these in world politics.

This is a beginning, and we will save many of our lands from the artificial borders and artificial states drawn by the London-based system and include them in our country. I told you, everything will happen very fast.

Those who stand in front of Istanbul and still try to keep Tayyip in power will see their heads burn without digesting what is happening in Iran. Even if the Russian people do not take the “honorable” stance expected of them, I will also destroy Putin, whom I swore to destroy. But in this case, Russia and the Russian people will also be destroyed.

The parties in Iran who want to live in justice, in peace, and without exploitation should immediately openly contact Turkey. Even though we have not officially taken over the administration of Turkey, we have all the main organs unofficially… I will not allow those who want to betray Turkey and that region’s people in these parts.

| Mfs – Ground-breaking – Akademi Dergisi


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