The people of Iran, not the people of the West, should get rich

The patriots in the Iranian army should go to the field with the military means at their disposal. They should stand with the Iranian people. Israel in Iran and Britain in Iran should also take the final blows. Iran should be a truly free state now. Then, anyone who wants to unite with a Turkey under the control of Istanbul from among the parts of Iran and find comfort and peace should announce this decision. With the referendums to be held, this issue can be settled quickly.

The underground and aboveground riches of the region should no longer enrich the westerners but the people of the area. Factories, massive agriculture, animal husbandry, and energy projects should start one after another in Iran. Intentionally desiccated water resources must be recovered. The deliberately created drought must now be overcome. The secret Christian network that exploits Iran to the blood and marrow by playing the role of mullahs must now be destroyed.

| Mfs – Ground-breaking – Akademi Dergisi

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