It would not be forgiveness; it causes a chain reaction

They have used our justice system as a weapon against me for years by taking our justice system out of its highest level. After the prosecutors in the state courthouses, the judges, the doctors in the hospitals and the chief physicians, the managers in the prisons, the corrections officers, and even the prisoners they bought, they used hundreds of people in their crimes. They have committed all kinds of crimes over the years.
However, they couldn’t get any results and wanted to give a mental health report with a fait accompli, utterly contrary to medicine and the law. It exploded in their hands; they gave more openness at every stage, they became red-handed, and they became the loser and the cornered side.

They persecuted and tortured me so much that it would be impossible to describe with words and sentences. They were loaded at the level of demonization without any limits, but despite everything, I got out of their hands in a draw, went to my place, and remained calm. Yes, I stayed quiet; I did not legally go against them. Shortly after, I made debuts that surprised them even more. “Clear those criminal cases. Did you recognize the law while piling it on me, or are you looking at the possibility of legal trouble when removing it? Clean it the way you stack it. Otherwise, those lawsuits will explode and shake the whole place.” I said. I gave the opportunity, sent it, and warned many times, but they did not clear it.

These days, those lawsuits/penalties have already been voided collectively. I wrote many times, in the most straightforward terms, “I do not know and do not obey such a justice system,” and continued on my way without any problems. For a long time, they have not been able to get the institutions of our state out of control. They can’t even use the fines and paperwork they supposedly piled on me. They have long known that they must be taken in en masse, that they fell into the wells they dug, and that this is the result of their files. They kept it to me so I wouldn’t be a problem, and they extended the time to surrender to open prisons under the pretext of the non-existent corona epidemic. Recently, “There are people who want to play with those files. They immediately extended corona’s leave for one more year in a panic because I wrote that some wanted to come at me unlawfully on the legal ground. It’s almost a year since we busted the corona lies; the guys have already extended their so-called corona vacation until now. Falling into the well you dug, that’s what it’s like…

These days when they hardly met me, when they understood very well that they were close to being demolished and tried, now they are talking about amnesty as a way to clear dozens of files/cases and documents that exploded in their hands. What a beautiful country… Is it that cheap, that easy?

Even if they issue a general amnesty, a comprehensive partial amnesty that will clear all the files and penalties piled up on me and determined by point-and-shoot, there is no way out of this. They’re already cornered and are currently in the “extinction” phase.

I have not been disturbed for a long time by those files, the so-called sentences imposed by the judges that I do not know and do not obey, and I am not concerned about it. Those fabricated and unlawful lawsuits have wholly and already turned in my favor. Whatever they do from now on, those files/cases will still explode. I will neither accept the impunity of those so-called prosecutors, judges, doctors, prison directors, and their staff nor do I remain indifferent to the Adnanians. The latter are the most influential people behind this filth. Nor will I stay indifferent to the masons behind the Adnanists and the British, American, and Israeli secret organizations. All the way to Adnan Oktar, Oktar Babuna, Mehmet Haberal, Meral Akşener, Bohçalı, Tayyip, Soysuz, Abdülhamid Gül, Fahrettin Koca… These cases/files will explode like a chain reaction until the intelligence agencies constantly intervene in this business. There is no one, there has been no power factor that could prevent me from doing this for a long time, and no one will be able to prevent it in the coming period.

Let them issue a general or comprehensive amnesty, again without showing the real reasons to the public, by deceiving people, but actually to clear my cases, let countless people get their evil scum out of prisons, my anger goes up to the sky. I pour gasoline and burn this system, and while it is burning, I put a chair in front of it, take a coffee cup in my hand, and watch that chain reaction with pleasure… Without reason or wisdom, I did not enter that prison and that whole process. I didn’t take all the ordeals for anything. On the one hand, there was the process of spiritual evolution; on the other hand, there was rest, defying the whole system and finally picking up the system. In a short time, the wisdom of everything will be seen even more clearly.

I am incredibly pleased with the existence of fines, lawsuits, files, and documents. No one who wants to get on with me should play them in a way that is lawfully cleared. Everyone will find out what he did. Everyone will be punished.

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