It’s none of my business

I have no plan or struggle for the unification of Türkiye and Azerbaijan in the near future. This is the Queen’s plan and goal… This is the goal of Tayyip who is the Queen’s loyal dog, and his gang…

Similar games which were established in 1453 by pretending that Istanbul was supposedly conquered were played at different eras in history. It is still played today. Things that appear to be war may not actually be war but collusion while things that appear to be agreements, alliances, unification or Turkish unity may actually be insidious tricks of Turkish/Islamic enemies. There is currently no real Turkish unity organization in the world. There are no real Turks at the head of Turkish states. These countries cannot exactly be called “Turkish states” because there are no real Turks at the head of their states and nothing in these states are “Turkish” from the legal system to the education/teaching systems. The organization established by the traitors at its head and the pawns of the Queen cannot be called the “Organization of Turkish States”. I have clearly stated before that the so-called “Organization of Turkish States”, established by the alliance of traitors, is also an organization of betrayal, exploitation and black money… The Turkish world does not have time to mess around with these. Behind the balance changes that occur from time to time in this part, there is mostly the alien species’ struggle for power and dominance which is actually not something that benefits the Turks. It is time for the states we know as Turkish states to become truly Turkish states and to establish a truly Turkish Union, and if necessary, prices will be paid for this purpose, and very sharp decisions will be taken.

Azerbaijan cannot truly approach Turkey without leaving the Queen’s system. Unification? That would never be possible. I will never allow/challenge those who try to do this with a game or a trick. Azerbaijanis should improve their religious, moral and political situation in a way that truly befits Muslim Turks. They should radically reject the love and connections for Israel/Jewishness and the crypto-Jewish traitors who instilled in them the love and connection for Israel/Jewishness. The so-called “Ozturks” is another of Iblis’ lies. It has been seen from time to time that Turks in the world have become Jews, but it has not been seen that Jews have become Turks and started to consider themselves Turks. According to those who spread this lie, there is not even a race called Turks in the world. However, the truth is that there is no such race in the world as Jews. At least 95 percent of those who consider themselves Jews are Turks who later began to consider themselves Jews…
Who knows which nation the remaining five percent belong to. The race that the Iblees is most hostile to in this world are the Turks… Especially the Muslim Turks… Iblees has always tried hard to disrupt the genetic codes of the Muslim Turks, their religious and political stances and the natural balance of the lands they live in. He established many balances in the world and spread many lies.

The Azerbaijani people will overthrow those who interprets Turkishness in Azerbaijan as Iblees wants and those who work for the Queen or directly for Israel and Iblees. Otherwise, I will destroy Azerbaijan with my own hands and establish a true Turkish/Islamic nation and state there. Or, under very different circumstances, I could display unexpected behavior and include Azerbaijan in Turkey. Our land called Azerbaijan would be included in Turkey, but the Azerbaijani people would not be included in this state and would disappear. This mischief of the Iblees will also be extinguished. I will never change my mind on this issue in the future. I will never compromise on my firm and clear stance.

Just as I will never keep on my side those who follow ridiculous Satanist projects regarding Turkishness, I will also never keep on my side the Azerbaijanis who follow the Shiite sect, which is full of contradictions and slander, and which can be understood even in 15 minutes that it is a corrupted path. I will not allow Iblees to cause Shiite discord. There is only one way of mind. Would it be logical if we wanted to come to an agreement, unite and find strength with the Azerbaijani people who have corrupted themselves more than Europeans in religious and moral fields, who have dragged themselves into religious perversion more than the Iranian Shiites, and have accepted Turkishness as Judaism? Would it make any sense?

If a non-Muslim nation/state wanted to be included in Turkey, I would not interfere at all, I would immediately give them all their religious, customary and legal freedoms/rights. However, I have no business with the Azerbaijani people who have become worse religiously and morally than many non-muslim nations while claiming that they are Muslims or Turkish. If I have no business with them, then, Turkey will no business with them and the parties in the world who act together with me will no business with them, either. Only England, the USA or Russia which rapidly collapsing can have a business with the Azerbaijan, but they can neither save themselves nor Azerbaijan.

Those who wanted to drag Azerbaijan into the fire because of the Ukraine issue did not cancel their plans. I haven’t changed my decision and I won’t. Let an Azerbaijan that still obeys the Queen and still serves Israel to be damned and destroyed. I would watch it without moving a muscle.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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