The Queen’s crooked and cornered terrorists

As they try their last resort, they reveal themselves. Their helplessness and the fact that they have come to an end are clearly visible.

Mazlum Kobani, one of the known leaders of PKK/YPG, one of the Armenian terrorist organizations in the region, gave great tactical support to Tayyip Erdoğan, who is also one of the unknown and chief leaders of the same terrorist organization, and wanted to open the field for him as a last resort.

They are still flattering Tayyip, who, on the orders of the Queen, Biden, the western/NATO front, various Turkish and Islamic enemies, and various BOPists(GMEIsts), tried to carry out an operation with our army in Syria but struck the will of Istanbul and this time ended himself. They still want to challenge him with simple moves such as the middle game, and they spend the other pawns in their hands in this way and finish them.

Even when Tayyip has given up on himself, they still have hope in Tayyip. They still keep all their hopes on Tayyip. Because although the world has been shown to the contrary until today, the western/NATO gang is actually in such a helpless, powerless, and swamped state. As their black money is cut off, they become weaker and helpless. They have no other choice, they still have to play against Tayyip. They still have to try to send the Turkish army to Syria through their well-known pawns, especially Tayyip, Bohçalı, Hulusi Akar, and Yaşar Güler.

So that the black and bloody money flowing from Syria to Israel, the UK, the USA, AKPKK, and the entire western/NATO gang is not cut off… They are very worried and should do something so that the BOP, the Greater Israel project, is not completely swamped in Syria… They had to make dozens of big and hard moves until now, and all of them, especially in the USA, are as innocent as a cat who’s just swallowed the family parrot. As a last resort, they make exits by taking risks in collusion, revealing their men.

Mazloum Kobani was one of those who flattered Tayyip for the last time, those who pretended to be in conflict with Tayyip and tried to challenge him when he was desperate, and those who tried to provide public support to Tayyip in this operation they will carry out in Syria within the framework of the BOP/GMEI.

Mazloum Kobani, who has been colluding with Tayyip until today, had to make a very unnecessary move that would make everyone understand everything. He just did a kamikaze dive. Mazloum Kobani, a black moneyer, murderer, human and organ dealer, drug dealer, US/NATO pawn, a human devil who enjoys killing people, tried his last chance at the expense of giving explanations that even the children could understand, and he also tried the YPG with him, finished.

While it has already become clear who won in Syria… While Istanbul has shown its power to the whole world… When the West/NATO gang has almost been buried… When the military balances in Syria have suddenly turned upside down…. After that, when there was nothing Tayyip could do and it was certain that he would not be able to send our army to Syria for treacherous purposes… Yes, while the scene was already like this, even in these circumstances, one of the Armenian terrorists, Mazloum Kobani, and one of the Armenian terrorist organizations, the YPG, were wasted. They are so helpless, powerless, and hopeless that they have wasted nothing. They said “Maybe it will cost”, they spent it.

Kobani, who received instructions from the same places as Tayyip, who has only a level difference with Tayyip, who is also known as one of Tayyip’s tongs, and who is known to have been unable to collect his receivables from Tayyip recently, was able to come out and say the following under the current conditions:

 -We take Erdogan’s threats seriously.

 -We took it seriously not only now, but also in previous expeditions.

 -They are very serious in their threats.

-We have been preparing for this war for a long time.

 -We are stronger than before.

 -It will be a hard, difficult war and I do not believe that Turkey will win.

– After what happened in Ras al-Ayn and Tel Abyad, we are preparing for resistance.

– If they convince the parties and find the basis of the attacks, they will attack.

It is not war, solution process, 726 martyrs, ghazis more than 2.000

Where has it been seen that a regular army clash with black money treason and terrorist organizations is called “war”? If it is said, it is called “cleaning”. Our military will do that cleanup, but not now. He will not do it just because he wants all kinds of black money terrorist states, especially the USA, England, and Israel.

I am writing here one more time. If there are those who can be sure that this nation will be able to dance with the bullets fired and not get their skin pierced, no one else should support this operation process, which is supposed to be against terrorism, with their hands, tongues, and signatures.

This job is already over, there is no possibility of an operation, but now we are so full that we can still do anything to those who still try to support and serve those lies, this black money laundering, those betrayals. I am telling you…

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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