Breaking point | Who is the actual/real Dajjal

M. K. (Akademi Magazine follower):

Hodja, today, after the morning prayer, in my dream, I go down to the bottom floor of an apartment and this place is furnished like a home. There are prisoners here, so I take the shoes of the innocent among them and release them, but I’m so afraid not to be caught by someone, then when I leave the house, there is a big book on the refrigerator with Fussillet written on it, I take a few big books and go out. I pop a candy in my mouth. Then, hodja, I have 2 eggs in my hands and if I add a powder to them with a needle, all the facts about vaccines will be revealed. There is a man who has prevented me from doing this. This person is my wife. A foreign national. 4 women are helping me to do this egg experiment and trying to block the man. I am also doing this experiment and the white outer shell of the egg elongates in size and crystallizes like glass on it. Then I say, sir, this shell will be enough to prove everything. The man does not speak up when he sees the shell and the result. I woke up feeling like everything was over and relieved.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya:

In your dream, you saw yourself representing me.

The Apartment is a place you see representing the Ankebut Cult. Going to the bottom means I no longer hit the very foundation of the Ankebut Cult. I’m going to have some trouble with this part. Prisoners, countries/nations exploited by the  Ankebut Cult. Among them are the nations of the alien-human species that live secretly underground. Their condition is also very bad. They live hellish lives. Above and below ground, of all these nations, I will take with me and save those who are worth saving. According to some scholars, seeing shoes in a dream means gaining power and prestige. In performing these great services, I will also gain power and prestige.

As I have done so far, I will always tell the truth in the next part of my struggle (in my dream, this is the refrigerator part). Some communities in this world, accustomed to living with lies, cruelty, immorality, and all kinds of disgrace, will be very uncomfortable with my speech at first. But I will resolutely tell the truth. I will always tell the truth, both on religious issues and on political, military, and medical issues that have plagued the world. I don’t care much for people’s reproaches or praise.

Fussilet is the 41st sura in the Quran. It means to describe a matter in detail and in the most accurate way. Seeing a book in a dream also indicates that one is a solid and determined person, with character, honest, knowledgeable, forward-thinking, respected, and loved by good people.

Then, when I put sugar in my mouth, it means that I am afraid of superstitions, old wives’ tales, beliefs, and injustice, and I seek refuge in Allah and want to distance humanity from them. It is also understood that the superstitions on earth will be destroyed quickly. Eating candy also indicates that the troublesome process will end and that conditions will arise where I can tell every truth I want without any trouble.

When considering the egg in its general meaning, it means that honorable and good deeds will happen. As a result of this stance and my struggle, while very, very good things are happening around the world, it means that the evil system, lies, deception, and cruelty that dominates the world will be crushed in front of me. Quickly truth will prevail, justice, happiness. Having an egg in each of my hands also reinforces the meaning. In other words, it informs that the prestige will be much, much greater than anticipated, and those good developments will be equally great events that will go down in the history of the world.

The vaccine part also means real. I will reveal the demons made over vaccines to the eyes of the world with proof, but in the interpretation of this dream, the vaccine also refers to the person or people who intervene and protect me when necessary. At first His excellency. our Hz Ustadth, our Silsile-i Saadat, the prophets, and the Hz. Our Prophet (PBUH) will be with me as always. It means that good people from all over the world, from different races/nations, will stand side by side with me. There will even be those who are our brothers from among those who live secretly underground. They, too, will prefer to live as honorable, moral, honest Muslims.

Those who want to harm me during this struggle will, as always, be in great numbers. However, the person you see in this dream and who wants to harm me is the real/real  Dajjal. As you know, when the Mahdi is mentioned in hadiths, not a single person is mentioned, nor is a single Dajjal mentioned when talking about the  Dajjal. The real Dajjal is the leader of one of the alien-human species that remained in our world, could not cross the mountain of kaf, that is, the Van Allen belt, to go to his planet, and live in giant underground bases.

As has been the case for a very long time, this person still wants to direct and rule from the background, both the alien species living in the world secretly and the world humanity, nations, and states living on earth. In cooperation with Iblis, this person…

Even if they are unaware or do not know of it, those who are Satanists and freemasons among the people of the world and the aliens are actually working on this system of  Dajjal, this Dajjal. The alien person who is currently in the bionic robot in the image of the Queen of England is nothing but a poor person working on this system and this  Dajjal.
Thousands of the 124 thousand prophets who have come down to this day from our father, Hazrat Adam, struggled against this system, that is, the system of the  Dajjal. Hz. Muhammad Mustapha (PBUH) also fought against the system of the Dajjal. Süleyman Hilmi Tunahan (QS.), the last perfect master of our world and all the planets on which there is life, also fought against the system in question. Masonic organizations, satanist organizations, the governments of those known countries in the world, only the visible faces of this system…

The  Dajjal, who sees himself as a god and thinks he has extraordinary powers, will also be helpless in front of me. Yes, they still can’t believe what they’ve been through for the last few years, but they won’t believe what will happen next. It will be over for them.
The Ankebut Cult, that is, the system of the  Dajjal, together with its earthly and alien parts, and even its parts in the jinn realm, will completely collapse. His part in the demon realm has already collapsed, and I have declared it again. The underground system has also taken very, very big blows. The system on earth is in front of everyone’s eyes… They are in a pathetic state. This dream heralds that now it is time to strike the blows from the foundations…
Then there will be an Islamic age in the world. The new world order will be established, and the world will be a single state, but it will not be as the  Dajjal and that Iblis want, as the masons and Satanists think. The second Dhul-Qarnayn will make the world a single state. At that time, Hz. Isa will come back to earth from the sky from which he was raised, and will lead the Muslims, but will pass as a spiritual leader, not as a political/administrative leader.

Then, together with Kahtani/Jahjah, that is, with me, Hz. Isa will also kill that alien and the real  Dajjal. The era of the  Dajjal will come to an end.
In addition, the fact that this dream has been seen also informs me that I have to go down to the field no matter what. I have been patient many times, I wanted to explain the seriousness of the issue, but they do not want to understand persistently. I no longer have any plague. I will go down on the field openly and very, very big events will happen one after the other. Many souls will burn. There will be pages in the history of the world written in blood, not ink.

(There are other details in your dream, but to write them openly like this would be to give leverage to the enemy. I will share this dream and my interpretation, and rabbis, priests, Satanists, masons, Buddhists, and metaphysicians from all over the world will always try to interpret it. they will see how accurate and honest it is. Let’s see how many earthquakes there will be above and below the earth after that and how long it will last.)

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