Our fingers have a stiff

Is there no one in this Turkey who is ready to die for Israel?

What kind of Jews you are, your ancestors would spit in your faces if they saw you?

Come on, don’t be afraid, get out and try your last moves to bring your Greater Israel project back from the dead. Try to bring our army into the war in Syria with lies and deception? Can’t you send it? Is it okay, can’t you dare to die?

Do you know that we will fire our bullets at you, not at the people of Aleppo, who are ninety percent Sunni Muslims, not against our brother and fellow Syrian army soldiers? You know we’re going to stick our canons in your eyes? Do you know that we can wipe your so-called state called Israel off the map with that anger?

The statelet of Israel is bleeding. They are in despair. The fake superpower USA doesn’t even want to be seen. Austin can’t do anything but punch the tables, call here and there and angrily hang up. Biden is already ineffective. European Statelets Union (EU) “We don’t even have weapons and ammunition. Don’t take us into account.” makes a statement. You are in a fix.

Isn’t there one among you, “I will spoil this course, I am one of the secret Jews who are a brave heart. Turkey is under our control. We are still strong. I will bring the Turkish army into Syria for the benefit of Israel. I do not know the will of Istanbul. I can dance with bullets.” can anyone say?

Let’s step forward. Our fingers have a stiff being alert…

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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