Nothing has changed

I have written most clearly before that the Taiwan issue is not our issue. We don’t care at all what happens to Taiwan. From the date I wrote that article, there has been no change in the balance for us on this issue. Therefore, our decision has not changed. We are not on the Chinese side in this matter. If we have to take sides, we want China to be the winner against Taiwan.

We do not know what will happen in the future, and how the balances will change, but for now, this is our stance on this issue and it is very clear. In the Ukraine issue, I was the one who wanted the Russians to crush Ukraine from the very beginning. As of now, I am in the same decision. The Russians have no choice but to resolve the Ukraine issue militarily. Turning the current war into a very comprehensive war does not and will not disturb us. It would not be a problem for us if China is on the side of the Russians in the Ukraine issue.

In fact, if the Chinese side makes concessions from its unnecessary obsessions and pays attention to our sensitivities, we will even support China in the Taiwan issue. We can support China not only on the Taiwan issue but also on other issues in the region. We even have a stance that wants China to prevail against Japan and South Korea. We can change many things even by just giving metaphysical support from a distance, the world has no doubt about it, but we can give much, much more than metaphysical support. We can change many militaries, and political and commercial decisions in the world, and stop many developments/movements against China. The power of Istanbul is now unquestionably in sight…

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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