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Akademi follower ***: Sir, I had very complicated dreams- You were driving. *** and I was sitting in the back. Then you said: “The threes, the sevens, the forties… for him to come”. I can’t remember the sequel. It went from stage to stage.

It was the Portuguese border. A police helicopter had crossed our border, violated the airspace, and was constantly spinning over our heads. Then suddenly my father got out, got on a separate helicopter, and took that helicopter away first. When the helicopter came back later, it landed and the contents were arrested.

At the very beginning of the dream, I was lying on an unconscious stretcher. Someone was chipping me. They cleared my memory, it was loading new memory. I was seeing myself. Then I got up from that thing and started to see everything as myself, but I was also conscious of everything. I told those around me that they were trying to erase my memory.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya:

You have also been informed about some issues. It is a very auspicious dream and we will be victorious again.

I don’t have time, it is not possible for me to express it broadly.

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