It’s only a matter of time before the country gets into turmoil – Dream Interpretations

T. V. (Akademi Magazine follower): In the dream, I am wearing a suit and tie. I have a briefcase. Half an hour passed while waiting for the court time. I run to the *** courthouse. But the place is very different. People prayed in large crowds, in the open area, as a congregation. I walk around behind them to get to the courthouse. When I arrived at the courthouse, no matter how many people I asked, they could not show me the location of the criminal court in the first instance. Witnesses did not come. I’ve been to all the courtrooms. I couldn’t find any. I woke up later. It turns out that jihad has been declared….

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya:
Your dreams are also a different world… Again, you saw yourself as a representation. Many things are known to you. They are luring our army into a trap with lies, tricks, and traitors they put on us. They are trying to lure them into the swamp in Syria. They want to do their last frenzy so that the Great State of Israel project and the black money systems don’t collapse, and they want to get rid of their recently accumulated anger in this way.

They constantly train them…They planned to inflict great losses on our entire army in the face of three or five terrorist organizations, where they piled money, weapons, and ammunition. They will do this with the politically authorized traitors at the head of our state, as well as the military-authorized traitors and masons at the head of our army. Supposedly, they’re going to bring us into line they’re going to correct us. In the process, they will supposedly destroy the patriots who are on my side… They made all kinds of plans, they set up traps within their own traps.

I guess you are not aware of the publications I have just made, but your dream informed you. Yes, jihad has been declared. It is only a matter of time before the country and the region turmoils. It’s only a matter of time that the hatchets and traitors in our army and at the head of our state are hanged…

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