Zeki Çalışkan’s garbage trucks

For a while, Zeki Çalışkan and his accomplices had taken over the excavation works from the very center with corruption. While doing excavation work, did they also bury the bodies of people whose organs were stolen at the excavation site?

Were garbage trucks also dumping garbage on the excavation site? Were there mutilated human limbs in the bags inside some of those garbage trucks?

We’ve been hearing this for years. Is it time to open these issues and start an investigation?

How many times have I written that Zeki Çalışkan should be dismissed? Still, that Zeki Çalışkan boils the cauldrons of strife, and suddenly appears before me on various issues. Why is everyone trying my patience? Why does everyone want to test my strength?

Everyone is aware that I am making my final warnings on many issues. I’m near a blast point. No one should get on my nerves anymore, don’t want to test my strength. Otherwise, the whole world will turn into a place of fire…

I will also clean the hypocrites and cryptos in my community. I don’t know Zeki, I don’t know Ahmet or Mehmet. Nor do I know the Christians, Jews, Freemasons, secret services, or governments behind them. If my anger explodes, I’ll pour gasoline all over the world and burn them. They can’t even find a rat hole to hide in. I will not tolerate any more clever rats running under my feet. Tell me…

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya|Akademi Dergisi

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