I burned my ships

This savage system must be addressed immediately.
The countries of the world must react collectively.

Which regions of Ukraine suffer disasters and misery from the first day of the war that the so-called aid organizations from Turkiye, Israel and other states started to go to Ukraine?

The footages are before the eyes, the news are all over the world… There is a collusion in Ukraine, there is an invasion that the both parties settle for and it is progressing very slowly. They already have a president who was an actor and a money launderer and he is still acting his role. And even now, Ukraine suffers no disaster or misery.

So why are the Turkish Kızılay and the so-called aid organizations who have an Old Boys’ Network rushing to Ukraine? Why do they provide no assistance to Turkish people when they are already starving? Millions of children in this country can’t even eat cheese, so many of them can’t even find bread to eat, so do they not need of an emergency asistance and support?

It was brought to light and has been proved concretely that it is Israel who kidnapped tens of thousands of people after the latest earthquake in Haiti… It is Israel who kidnapped more than two and a half hundred thousand Ukrainian children by the so-called adoption system and ripped them apart for their organs… It is Israel who kidnapped more than a millon Ukrainian women with the promise of work in Europe and include them into the white women trade… This Israel is now running to Ukraine to give them asistance? Do you still think that the whole world is full of idiots and cowards?
How dare you, what impudence is this, what kind of a banditry is this?

These games are not fun anymore. We stopped the corona games and we stopped the organ trafficking behind these games. We have ruined the Taliban games. We prevented the so-called islamic but a money launderer terror organization  from being brought in power and from being recognized by the states colluding each other. We ruined most of the black money businesses that they wanted to carry out in there. We prevented them from making an organ harvest in Kazakhstan. We have already ruined most of their black money businesses in Turkiye. Now is it Ukraine’s turn?

Biden, Kamala, Austin, Queen Elizabeth, Putin, Lavrov, Şoygu, Xi, Wang yi, Scholz and tens of more officials are colluding for black money and they are using Zelenski who is a real actor and the man of a money launderer billionaire.

The world is bigger than them. It is so much bigger than Free Masonry, satanic partnership and the alien parties…

The world humanity can strangle them even with their own breath.

The necessary judicial and administrative investigations and inspections must be started immediately in all the countries. Grave crimes against humanity are commited. All of them are organized through Free Masonry. More than ten leading countries of the world and especially the USA have been turned into terrorist countries. Their administrations and administrators have no legality.

Now, I will publish this article, it will be translated by the officers of so many countries and will be presented to their governments. Then, Biden will call the Queen and say, “What will we do, I am waiting for your order.” The Queen will have to meet with Putin. Zelenski will meet some of them and say, “Things are getting worse. I will be exposed. I will be declared as a traitor. Tell me something, what should I do? If the resistance of the people will end and if there will not be chaos, it won’t be good for us, we won’t be able to do business.”

Tayyip will say, “Damn it, Mfs distrupted our business, again.” and will continue to wait for the orders from Biden. Most of the so-called advisors are money launderers, thiefs, corrupted people… It is on the agenda that the former press secretary of Devlet Bahçeli who is one of the biggest traitors and money launderers have commited theft, there are even clear images of his crime but access to them have been blocked. They are all the same…

All of them are despicable, evil people who are brought to certain positions by the Masonic Cult. No one, no group or organization have the right to turn a state to a lawless state. None of them have the right to do black money businesses through the state’s institutions and organizations and collude for this purpose.

Xi had to withdraw himself after the blows I struck to him. He will continue to remain unresponsive but he will be involved in all the meetings and decisions.

Many of the developments will secretly happen from the background. And then, they will say, “That’s enough. We are fed up with him. Let’s burn and destroy there.” There will be explosions and collapses. Then, I will burn them with those fires. I will burry them under those rubbles. I will take more than a hundred and fifty of them out of the game all over the world. The result will not change if they will not do these and I will take them out of the game.

Even if the whole world will burn and collapse, I will not allow such a savagery, human trafficking, I will not allow anyone to kidnap children and killing them for their organs, to force them to work in the prostitution mafias or sacrifice them in the satanic rituals for the Iblees. I will not allow anyone to sell them to the torturer pedophiles.

I have burned all my ships, there is no turning back for me. I can’t live without struggling knowing all these truths in a world like this. Even in an hour, I can cause the tangible evidences that shake the world to be shared in various countries and make them to be send to the judicial authorities. Will I burn myself, I don’t think so, there would be no damage towards me. Let’s see a worst case scenario that I will destroy myself… That would be okay if I will destroy all the demonized people on Earth with me. It is worth it…

The collusion in Ukraine will stop immediately. Putin and Russia will find the punishment they deserve immediately. Putin and Zelenski will be arrested and trialed immediately. International trials will be held and the crimes against humanity will be on trial. Biden and Kamala will be ousted from power and Trump will be brought in power. I will give him one more chance.

I will look at the developments, if they will make decisions against my will, I will share the tangible evidences with the world humanity and the judicial authorities. And at that moment, I will start a national coup. When I make revolution in Turkiye, there will be revolutions in so many countries one after another after me.

The world humanity will be saved from the human and alien satanists and their collusions.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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