In fact, those events were alien invasions

 Sometimes a person is given only one piece of information, thousands of stones that he could not put into place even though he tried so hard until that day, suddenly fall into place. The person said, “That’s it… It’s finally clear. It would not fall into place in any other way. I understand now.” says.

Now, I will give such information to the humanity of the world. At the moment, I will write it in the most concise form, I will wait for it to be position itself to do discuss, and when the time comes, I will explain it in the most detailed way.

The Mongol invasions were alien invasions. When I tell the background of what is going on in political, military and financial issues today, there are people from different parts of the world who still find it difficult to accept. Everyone should know that such things are not only happening today, they have happened many times in the past. Turkish/Islamic domination over the world had grown and was taking root. The world balance was changing permanently, the demon’s system was in great collapse. The Muslims were again on the way to make the world a single state. Even the alien parties could not prevent the spread of the religion of Islam and the conquests of the Turks with secret activities.

Then they changed their decisions and procedures and infiltrated a nation that was not very visible, the Mongols, from the opposite corner. They built a huge number of bionic robots, including them among the Mongolian marauders. They took it so far that they even built some of the horses they needed as bionic robot horses. They turned the Mongols, who were practically nothing in every sense, into giants, contrary to the usual flow. However, it takes centuries for a nation to become so gigantic. Time alone is not enough, a strong language, an empowering history/past, and an empowering religion/spiritualism are required. Language, religion, history… Nations become giants on this triple trivet.

Afterwards, history was lived in a way that historians who have come to this day still have not been able to explain in a logical way. There is still no logical, scientific, rational explanation for what happened at that time, centered on the Mongols. This part of history is still obscure, even for historians.

At that time, how could the Mongols wipe out so many powerful states/nations one after another and in a short time from the map? No one could stand before them for a while. Even this issue of Mongol invasions cannot be explained without acknowledging the fact that there are aliens living in secret on Earth.

Simultaneously with the Mongols, the alien sides that secretly controlled the Western world also made moves with a common purpose and carried out crusades to the Turkish/Islamic states. At that time, almost all of those who were both attacking and defending were not even aware of who was playing their game.

Like the Mongols, there were many bionic robotic aliens within the crusader armies and the states/administrations that sent them. These alien people, who lived secretly in the age of advanced science and technology for thousands of years from that age, used secret technologies in many parts from providing intelligence to destroying the armies in a short time. There were even weapons that applied collective mind control among them. In other words, those who invaded and destroyed a significant part of the world in a short time and easily, those who brutally murdered a large number of world people, those who destroyed very high buildings, cities and slaughtered livestock, those who tried to destroy the entire established order, to strike devastating blows. Those who wanted it were actually alien parties. With the bionic robot, that famous Genghis was also replaced.

There are similar events in other periods of world history as well. There are wars with collusion, even world wars. There are civil wars with collusion. There are terrorist organizations that are not allowed to be destroyed. There are insidious and brutal alien activities/interventions aimed at massacres, mass destruction and changing the world balances in a short time.

Occupied lands by Mongol Empire

The lands occupied by the Mongol Empire At that time, two people were aware of the background of the games played and disrupted the games. Both were Muslim Turkish rulers. One was Yavuz Selim Khan and the other was Emir Timur. The aliens could not defeat these two Muslim Turkish heroes, no matter how secret technologies and bionic robots they used, even though they had collusion in the background.

And I am descended from Fatih Sultan Mehmed Khan and Yavuz Sultan Selim Khan, and I am following the blessed path they took.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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