They think they are playing tricks on the Turkish nation with their tiny brains

Özgür Özel, who was made a bionic robot while he was a secret Jewish traitor, insulted the religion of Islam by causing great harm to his party and its plans…

Sezen Aksu, who was made a bionic robot while being a secret Jew and a traitor of the FETO, insulting the religion of Islam…

He already become an atheist and mentally ill, he is expected to commit suicide even if there is no reasonable reason, he had to be taken into life and treated in a protected clinic, it already understood that he has a tendency to harm himself and those around him, even his behavior is extremely distorted, his face is pale, the attempt of a young man whose eyes changed, to commit suicide in a cult institution, for trying to avert the matter away from actuality.

And other similar discussions, issues.

All of these are part of a plan… Attempts to change the agenda, to attract patriotic Muslims to other issues, to disrupt their focus. In addition, moves to keep AKPKK and Tayyip in power for a longer period of time, with whom they colluded… The appalling cost of living, financial difficulties, political chaos, uncertainty, hopelessness in the people, the country’s rush to bigger disasters, lots of suicides have been experienced due to these reasons which are efforts to suppress, hide, and put off those suicides the agenda.

We need to continue our services, our struggle for the homeland and nation, without wasting much time, by saying a few words, going to the law and making criminal complaints, and we do so.

That Fatih Altaylı and Ahmet Hakan write and draw with the same and purposeful instructions as he received from abroad. The fact that a father sends his son to an Islamic institution as a last resort in order to save him from godless, immoral, dishonest people and from the advanced spiritual depressions he is in, but not getting any results from it, in such a distorted and unlawful way, is put under pressure as if threatening the nation. It’s not tolerable that they take them and throw insults at that father, but there is this shocking truth in the background. İsmail Saymaz always receives orders from the same place and they go beyond the limits as per the orders. They find their punishment, they will find it.

We will not waste time and effort unnecessarily. We will not take the people in collusion into consideration. Here we are on the field, who could close down the cults? Will Fatih Altaylı, Ahmet Hakan, İsmail Saymaz and similar pawns, who see themselves in a place that the law cannot touch, who are hostile to the religion of this nation by trusting the betrayal centers behind them, who have the right to insult the members of this nation who have a Muslim stance, and who are the dogs of the Masonic order on the field, will close them? Or will it be closed by secret Armenian and secret Jewish and secret Masonic officers who have already been exposed in the army? Or will they also call the Russian army? Or will the CHPKK militants who colluded with the AKPKK on the orders of the Freemasons close the Islamic cults? They are growling in vain, they think they are untouchable, they are hitting the nerves on the nerves of the nation. Which one of them has the courage to address me and insult me? I am of the same opinion as that father. All people who respect the law and live in a civilized manner are of the same opinion. I call these bastard pawns “dogs” but I’m worried I’ll insult dogs. Besides these, dogs remain virtuous a thousand times over. They don’t bite the hand that feeds them. Soon, they will be crushed under the feet of this nation, and perhaps starved stray dogs will eat their carcasses.

Have they decided whether the Masonic cult which is at the center of black money business with all kinds of betrayal, trying to make Muslim Turks irreligious, immoral, make them mentally ill and exploit them, missionary cults, Sabbatean cults, Kurdish Jewish cults, Armenian cults or are true Islamic cults primarily be close down?

It is not also understandable. In a real state of law, they would be taken all of them on the same day. Every year, there are at least hundreds of suicide cases within the police force. Looking at the background of these, it is seen that there are not few people who choose suicide because they cannot bear the heavy burden of the police profession, and such statements are also mentioned in scientific reports prepared by experts. There are at least hundreds of young people in our army who commit suicide every year because of the heavy burden of military service or because of the injustices, oppression and humiliation they face during their military service. Who can come out and say, “The army should be closed, the army should be abolished”? Who can find such courage in himself? Who can come out and say, “Let the Security Agency be shut down, that’s enough”? If these cannot be said, which cannot be said, this is due to the law, if it is, how can thousands of traitors and organized ways trample on law every time when it comes to Islam, when it comes to Islamic communities and cults?

Prosecutors who have remained honorable in this country must immediately round up and take thousands of crypto traitors, enemies of Islam and Turks, and those spineless people in the press, media and social media. They gathered Muslims who were deceived by the so-called Islamic community, the product of that crypto-Jewish and Armenian betrayal, because it was FETO. Even there, they trampled the law and became hostile to Islam. FETO is still everywhere… FETO is in the press… FETO is in the media… FETO is on social media… The real FETOists are these traitors with crypto identity… Files need to be opened about them. Treason, suppression of the freedom of thought/conscience and expression, working for the secret services, using the power of the press and broadcasting within the scope of influence espionage, insulting the religious values ​​to which the majority of the people are subject, and other kinds of crimes are in sight. It is in sight that these crimes are committed in an organized manner, and the judicial authorities who do not do their duty will soon be gathered together with them and hanged.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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