I couldn’t get angry, I laughed away…

Does it end with saying “We got through” like that, or is it overtaken?

Ankara Ambassador of Kazakhstan Abzal Saparbekuly has made a statement in this way “Maybe these days could still continue the world agenda as Kazakhstan. We thankfully overcome it. Kazakhstan people are trying to relieve. But someone still continues to reopen old wounds.”

When some people want to live in a dream world by breaking away from real life, how easily and effortlessly they can do it. People are surprised to see these. Which Kazakhstan is he talking about? If he is talking about Kazakhstan in his dream world, that place is beyond us, we cannot intervene there. However, if he is talking about the real Kazakhstan in real life, we have already been involved and are getting involved. There is nothing that has passed, overcome or ended there. Everything has just begun. All the traitors there will be overthrown before the eyes of the world, they will be dropped from the game, they will be destroyed. In the face of the Kazakh people, they took refugee to the Russians by trembling on trembling with fear, they stirred them into the internal affairs of the country, and make the Russians confront against the people of the Kazakh struggling for freedom. They have clearly betrayed this degree in front of the world’s eyes. However, the black money smugglers and occupant Russians had to retreat within a few days in the face of “someone’s” tremendous struggle and the freedom struggle of the Kazakhstani people. Such a power has been shown that, I don’t know how many big countries in the world, unlike those “someones” in the Kazakhstan issue, could not even make a fullback and serious con answer. They couldn’t have a showdown with “someone”. Now, here is such a Kazakhstan. The Kazakh people will continue and will continue to fight this struggle with more morale, louder voice, more organized, more experienced, more accurate decisions and stronger. The“Someone” will continue to stand by the Kazakh people in this struggle for freedom and, if necessary, pay a heavy price. Since the whole world knows this, they are struggling to get the Kazakhstan issue to fall off the agenda as soon as possible, and cannot create a balance, prepare a power/force, or engage in a real field struggle.

But… Since the beginning of this Kazakhstan issue, some officials or influential people all over the world have been making statements and taking a swipe at “someone” without giving a name or providing proof. The person who is called a state official will be brave and clear. Always avoids ambiguous statements. He speaks clearly enough to avoid misunderstandings and confusion. Otherwise, everyone can misunderstand, everyone can be taken on. A lot of confusion and problems ensue.

Since Kazakhstan has overcome, was strong enough to get through, is still strong enough to get through the aforementioned troubles, as this impostor who is not certain to whom he is embassy claims, then why does this ambassador still openly address his opponent and not confront him, fight him, or show him his place? Or at least he can’t say the name of his opponent openly? Under these conditions, who in the world would take seriously an official who pretends to be living in a dream world and can talk like that? Can the problems really be overcome with the untrue statements/news of three or five media outlets and three or five official traitors who are affiliated with the Cobweb Cult, the Masonic sect and are fiercely hostile to Turkey/Islam?

These are all contradictions, dreams, and therefore people who will not be addressed and statements that will not be taken seriously… At first, a human is about to get angry, then stops and cannot get angry. He’s laughing away…

I do not take a traitor seriously, nor do I think anyone will take him seriously, although he is apparently an official of Kazakhstan, under pressure from Russia and China, a known pro-Nazarbayev, black money maker, drug dealer, and accompanying with rascals he accuses “someone” without mentioning his name.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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