For Japan the bell tolls

Japan is a country whose existence has become a danger and harm for all humanity and even for future generations, which the Ankebut(Cobweb)Cult uses at a very advanced level in its inhumane works. The Ankebut Cult is difficultly trying to keep Japan’s finances/economy alive with black money. By taking advantage of Japan, it is trying to keep other countries under its control afloat. It cannot do this properly anyway, and Japan actually has huge deficits and problems.

From this day forward, I will make balances and interventions that will cut off Japan’s black money in a short time and to a large extent, and also quickly remove the members of the Ankebut Cult within Japan. I believe that I will be able to deal sudden and deep blows to Japan in a short time. Let me explain this most clearly that all parties and especially large capital owners said, “MFS did not say this.” or “We did not expect MFS to do this.” don’t let them say.

“We knew MFS had announced it would do it, but we didn’t expect it to. They will be able to say, “We were shocked again.”

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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