This is the original of the matter

This should be lesson to all sides.

If official authorities of a state after the whole world’s eyes have become infamous and unable to go out in public and rather than accepting their infamy and not making the same mistakes, with malicious intention making statements to use an iron hand in a velvet glove, if they make statements that they do not clearly express what and who they mean which make matters worse and they have become buffled how to escape.

Zaharova didn’t make those sentences by meaning İhsan Şener ,is one of the vain advisors of Tayyip, she said that actually thinking of threating myself, attitudinising and trying to stalemate myself between the balances, she wanted to mean“ Stop MFS or else all Turkey falls into danger, look at our condition we are getting mad” but made a mess is so clear.

On the world no leaders as strong as me have the intelligence power on the field, both technical / electronics and the metaphysical intelligence power. No governments and organizations. The vain advisor Şener’s statements have no open statements to Russia, CSTO, so-called peace power. For this reason, Lavrov have had to use the statement “in the lightest expression, not understood” on the statement of Şener today. No official authority in Turkey takes it personally and have the obligation to respond it. They also know what the Russians want to do, and they couldn’t do it once again they become infamous.

The Official Administration in Turkey in the form of full staff is pro-Russian and continues betraying the Turkish nation…. A vain advisor the people do not know andrecognize, has no influence and respect… A conference regulated by the Provincial Directorate for National Education, in a ‘culture center’, neither a deputy nor a minister participate in but the provincial governor, the governor and school principals participated in… With the expression of Lavrov, “what are not understood what he says” … After six days the conference and do not give a person, a name and a date when doing it … All Russian administrative staff, including Zaharova and Lavrov, how angry they are at me, though they couldn’t find to take a swipe at me after many days they want to abuse unnecessary person and his talks… That they hit rock bottom and have no power to threaten me by uttering my name because of these moves, also their disgracefulness, desperation. The whole world has seen and understood.

This is the original of the matter and I know it thanks to my intelligence power at the beginning, she has no courage to utter my name and wanted to do that “use an iron hand in a velvet glove.” ,but she got in a tizzy. Today, in several sentences Lavrov have had indicates us what conditions the Russians are in.

They tried the last chance regarding Kazakhstan before they did this, once again they wanted to build games,they sent a delegation to Kazakhstan as well, they found a possibility to communicate over and over again but they didn’t get what they want. Then, as I express in my article, the rage has broken the logic like this they talked nonsense.

In other parts of the world, other competent people have implied me without remembrance of my name many times so far, but I haven’t been taken on myself though I know who they mean very well. Because these people are coward and have no power to threaten me by clearly saying my name and they unashamedly want to evade in a way without a doubt. In this case the Russians have no movement field to divert.

A 40-year-old Muslim Turk, who has not officially handed his own country’s administration, on the chair, having no official visit / meeting he has upset the world order and for now he has only left Russia under this debris. Moreover, he has done it very shortly after saying “I will hit very heavy blows to Russia very soon. I’m starting an all-out-unconventional warfare against Russia”. This is the matter and what shown is Russian jealousy.

And the Russians know that they still want to cause something trouble in the Turkish states, especially in Kazakhstan, I will soon wreak Russians’s spite. I wrote down that, then they don’t say he haven’t…

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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