Bursting into laughters in row

Sergey Lavrov is the minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia which is black money maker, occupant, colonial said so: “One of the President Erdogan’s consultants, to put it mildly, condemned Kazakhstan to invite CSTO by making an unclear explanation. We demanded Turk colleagues an explanation of what it means. “

Lavrov said so and the most effective and authorized people in the world bursted into laughters.There are also a large number of effective, authorized people from even Russia have bursted into laughters the condition Rusya is put. In fact, Russia, on the one hand, in this condition, strives to show herself strong by having colluded fight with West / NATO side. After us, if West / NATO side could have made moves, currently in the administration of the Russian Federation, neither Putin, neither Lavrov, neither Şoygu, neither Peskov, nor Zaharova would be. In Russia, it would be a giant internal confusion and the Russian Federation would be parted in so near future.

The whole world has very clearly witnessed that the governments of colonial states depend on the Cobweb Cult, having colluded fights each other and destroying the world humanity, building terror environments, civil war and civil war conditions in the various places of the world, in this authority gap they have kidnapped and killed lots of people for their organs, at first drugs and black money businesses they have performed as well as organ business, lots of Western countries have included in the black and bloody system.

This was the most important. This job is already over after this is seen and known. After that, no one will deceive that the states who depend on the Cobweb Cult and are in miserable condition if they toss something back and forth, have colluded fights each other. After that no one will allow them to create trouble in the places they want, the time they wanted to keep the places in trouble. After that, Russia can’t even hit Ukraine, if she hit Ukraine she would be embarrassed, couldn’t get away with it. Russia cannot have any soldier in Syria or other parts of the world.

In these conditions she thinks of creating trouble in Uzbekistan Turkmenistan, Tajikistan by continuing having colluded fights. She is planning to have colluded fights over Azerbaijan and Aliyev. Because all the countries of the Cobweb Cult in West or East are in miserable condition. They are over in regard of not only moral and material. How nice… In these conditions if they wanted to cause trouble in aforementioned countries it would be beneficial struggles. All struggles that would benefit to the Turkish and Islamic communities as a result.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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