I have advice for big capital owners

As they listened to my advice many times before, they have benefited. Now listeners will benefit. They must take their money from big ports to small/shallow and safe ports, that is, from big states/economies, to smaller but safer states. They must pull out of the market somehow.

Because Russia will not be able recover from now on and she will fall apart. The United States cannot emerge victorious from these struggles, and it will also fall apart. China is turning in the vortex that I have already dropped and is being pulled to the bottom more and more every day. It can’t get out either. Great political and financial crises will begin in a short time in Germany, England and the other Western countries. When I cut off the black money flowing to the West one more level, everyone will see the real financial statements, the great financial crisis that they have barely covered. While everyone wants to save himself, no one there will be able to save himself or the system/state. After all, at the end of political crises, maps will change, some countries will be divided, and some will disappear.

They must stay away from Turkey for a while. I will officially take over the administration of Turkey in a very short time. When I take it in my hands, very much difficult times will pass, and then it will pass difficult times for a while. Later on, I will cause developments that the world will be watching with astonishment and admiration, and I will make Turkey, the accompanying Turkish states and other states that have met on a common ground into, fly.

Everyone should accept from the outset that we are in the conditions of a world war now, and that it is a great skill to maintain one’s existence and to keep one’s power/money stable at such moments. Such was the financial situation in the world during the two great world wars. In both cases, members of the Cobweb Cult received preliminary information, made moves and saved their money. This time it shouldn’t be like that… This time, they must be the party that sinks. I’m already getting its intel. There are giant investors who are locked into my giant projects that I will start when I officially take over, and therefore do not make any other investments… I think they have made the right decision.

In this process, it is imperative that they stay away from the Masonic Cult, banks and companies belonging to Masons. Because an anti-Masonry and Mason hunt will begin across the world. This time, the world war will not be experienced with the aim of making the World War more exploitable, but on the contrary, with the aim of destroying the Cobweb Cult all over the world.

Those who follow my publications regularly will remember. “Who will be the Hitler of the Third World War?” I wrote and asked. No matter how hard they tried, they could not kill Adolf Hitler, they could not destroy him, they could not kill me, they will not be able to kill me. I will establish the new world order through Turkey, not Jews, Masons or alien species through the USA or China.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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