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The level of politics in Russia is worse than in Turkey. The administrators of Russia are currently displaying such attitudes that even AKPKK and A HABER, even famous trolls, remain very high level in comparison with them. In some Russian media outlets, “Russia destroyed Turkey’s plans to include Kazakhstan in the Great Turan list in a week.” There are even laugh-out headlines. Those who give these headlines and have them given never think about what will happen to them in the next few weeks and that these moves they are making to save the day will backfire, and when that day comes, they will fail even bigger…

I’m not going to try to talk to people whose level is so low. Let them agree on their own terms and conditions, but we still have a lot of work to do and many fronts to demolish. We will continue our struggle without complacency, without slowing down, and by accelerating even more. In the Turkish world, there are those who make news as per the instructions they receive and those who say that Turkey should urgently send military forces to the Turkish states. Yes, I wrote at the beginning that Turkey can do what is asked, but the timing is not right at the moment. The conditions are not suitable for it. It won’t be rushed. First of all, members of the Cobweb Cult all over the Turk world, including Turkey, and especially the members of the Masonic Cult will be dismissed. At least, Turkey’s sending military forces to the Turkish states before the top staff are cleared will not benefit but harm. Because in recent days, the whole nation has seen and understood that people who are as fierce enemies of Islam and Turks as Tokayev, Nazarbayev, Putin, Lavrov, Peskov, Zaharova, Şoygu, Pashinyan and Aliyev are running Turkey and even the Grand National Assembly Of Turkey is full of them. Who can guarantee that once they have officially taken over the administration of Turkey, the Turkish army will not be directed in the interests of the Cobweb Cult where it is sent.

Who can guarantee that our army will not be deployed in black money matters in the places where it is sent. Who can guarantee that wherever they go, they will not be confronted by the people who are fighting for freedom, that they will not be charged with preserving the treacherous powers, or that they will not be assigned in the process of bringing other traitors to power instead of the overthrown traitors. Here is a Kazakhstan, where even the Russian bear had to leave, escape in less than a week. Tokayev is left alone there. We will not keep him there and we will ensure that the Kazakh people establish a regime as they want.

If the Turkish army, from the Chief of the General Staff down to hundreds of important people, secretly Jewish, secretly Armenian, secretly Christian, and secretly Masonic, were sent to Kazakhstan officially and under their command, would they do anything other than the demands of the Cobweb Cult ?

For this reason, we will not be deceived by anyone, from the press and media organs that try to create public opinion with the orders of the top names of the Cobweb Cult and the interventions of the traitors at the head of the Turkish states, let alone influential and authorized people. Our goal will be to “officially” run to the aid of the Turkish world as soon as possible with our army, intelligence units, and all kinds of technically trained staff too. And a Turan army will be established as soon as possible. For this, first of all, it is necessary to overthrow the political, military and judicial officials and treacherous governments in the entire Turkish world, including Turkey.

Currently, we can and will support the struggles of those peoples without officially sending soldiers to the Turkish states. What we can do even in a few days is in front of the eyes of the world. From now on, we will put the collusive opposition, together with all its parties and members, in the same equation, and overthrow and punish them together with AKPKK. For these reasons, we will not be in a hurry to send soldiers, and rise the bait.

Those who set up such plans, the whole world sees that they are also plotting insidious plans over Azerbaijan. Something has happened to Aliyev all of a sudden. Because, in accordance with the plans made by the top names of the Cobweb Cult, necessary instructions were given to Aliyev and other leaders who were decided to pass with him. In this part, collusion is displayed and insidious plans are wanted to be executed. We will not allow such insidious and treacherous plans, nor will we come to games.

Black money statelets such as Qatar and UAE are also actively used in these traps which set up in the Turkish world. In a short time, we will hit them with Turkish slaps, which the whole world clearly witnesses. They already deserved it…

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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