I’m behind my claim

It shouldn’t seen as bragging, from our metaphysical signals what walking, what flying, what floats cannot be saved, protected. Nothing cannot escape that doesn’t matter a terrestrial, a genie, an alien. Bionic robots cannot also get away. We are the best of the world, the other worlds at sending metaphysical signals to the address. May they use metaphysical guards they want; it takes a very short time to burn the brains of deserving.

I’m behind the claim. In an extraordinary case I’m sure we can kill more than half of the enemy army in two days, even one bullet without firing. For a long time the “black mushroom” news haven’t made in the world. Because we cut those kinds of signals. However the terms are pushed us again. After that we will send those kinds of signals in some time and burn those who deserves.

Also, the losses of life on the USA side are too much. Reflected in the press only those who cannot hide. The situation in Russia and the sides are also very bad … In fact, any sides against us are dying, deteriorating, blasting, burning.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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