They named it monster, they wouldn’t name it that if they knew what is it exactly

There are those who think and worry about the fact that one day our galaxy, and therefore our solar system and our world will enter a black hole and that day everything will come to an end, but they do not know that our world has already passed through a black hole.

Those who brought our world here, to our solar system, by making an artificial planet thousands of times larger than our Earth and orbiting it around that artificial planet, brought it from another galaxy. If they were able to come here in a short time from the galaxy that is millions of light years away, this was possible with a black hole just like the black hole called the monster in the news.

Yes, black holes are not what we think. Those who enter the black hole do not disappear, they are not annihilated, they go out to other distant galaxies within seconds. Not only our Earth, but also Mars, Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter and all the planets and their satellites in our solar system were collected from other places and brought here through black holes. In fact, our Earth’s satellite, the Moon, was brought from a distant galaxy by passing it through a black hole and an artificial solar system was created.

Hundreds of different alien human species are coming to our world. Some of them come from other galaxies and travel such long distances in seconds by passing through black holes.

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