He is also the Lord of Shi’ra

For tens of thousands of years, some nations of the world had been ruled by other human species from other planets. They did not do this by disguising and wearing an outer body, as they do today. At that time, they were allowed to come openly and interfere in worldly affairs.

A few generations after such people ruled our world, the descendants of these nations mixed everything together. They deified the very high-tech people of other worlds who had once been upon them.

Some of the Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt were also people of other worlds. Some of the ancient Egyptian leaders today, whom members of the Ankebut(Cobweb) Cult, Freemasons, and secret Jews valued highly and believed to possess extraordinary powers, were not people of our world. Nor did they possess extraordinary powers, as they thought. They were not gods, nor were they prophets. They just had extraordinary technology. This is also the case for some people whom Indians know as great… I have written before, even Asaf, the vizier of Hazrat Sulaiman, who had a very important place in world history, was one of the people of Merih(Mars). Vizier Asaf was also at an extreme level in science and technology, just like the prophet Suleiman(Solomon).

In the history of the world, alien people from other worlds were often deified, but not only servants/humans, but also some important celestial bodies were deified over time. Some nations regarded these celestial bodies as gods and worshiped them. One of them is the star Sirius.

In the past, a great number of people deified the star Sirius, worshiped it, and went to a disastrous end, the eternal torment of hell. To inform us of this and to let him know that he is the one who created the deified star Sirius, Allah Almighty said in the 49th verse of Najm Surah in the Qur’an, “He is also the Lord of Shi’ra”. The Shi’ra star is a binary star system consisting of two stars called Sirius today.

Detail of sitting Egyptian Pharaoh Statue isolated on black background

Even Osiris called the “Egyptian God” and one of the most important figures in ancient Egyptian history was not a man of this world. He came from the Sirius solar system.

He was any human being. He was neither a deity, nor a prophet, nor a spiritual leader. Some of the symbols of the Freemasons and members of the Ankebut(Cobweb) Cult are not of this world. These are the symbols that are known/recognized in our world thanks to Osiris and the like… So, the Ankebut(Cobweb) Cult was cheated by alien people not only today but also thousands of years ago in ancient Egyptian times. Now they have become the toys of the Grays and Greens, namely the Gog and Magog nation.

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