Who are the real Men in Black?

Men in Black was not made on a fictitious script.

This movie was shot by playing on some real-life information.

Men in Black, who always had the same physical features, came into contact with hundreds of different people. “It would be better for you if you forget what you saw and don’t tell anyone.” they said.

So who were they? They were not the bubbly people as seen in the movie. They were not even humen. Yes, they were highly advanced robots developed by other extraterrestrial humen races. The for-profit movie didn’t tell about it. Here are the shocking facts…

As of now, research shows that fifty percent of people on our planet believe in the existence of aliens, that aliens have visited our world, and that there are secret alien bases in the USA.

Moreover, despite the numerous radio and TV broadcasts and films made by the US secret services, the Zionists who run the US from within, and the Hollywood under the full control of the Zionists, it seems crazy to believe in aliens…

Contrary to the claims of meny mentally ill people in our country, who look for illuminati in the soup they drink, the grass they step on and the jeans they wear, come to the level of “I think my father is illuminati” and base on nothing but a wall while making a claim, the USA and the Zionists have not convinced the world’s humenity that UFOs are real. They are not trying to convince. They have neither the intention nor the power to invade the world with such games. On the contrary, they have always cloud the UFO and alien issues. They’ve always made a mock of it. They have always covered it.

On the one hand, they reverse-engineered technology from crashed UFOs in 1941, 1947, and the 1950s. They themselves tried to understand exactly what was going on. In the 1950s, they established the 51st district just for this job. They saw a terrible gulf between the technology that extraterrestrials had access to and the technology on our planet. Just at this time, they accepted the “Let’s work together” offer of an extraterrestrial humen race called “Tall Whites” and sat down to deal with the tall whites under the leadership of the then US President Eisenhower. We can’t be sure here, maybe the tall whites somehow compelled the US rulers to do so. (Take a look at Alien USA agreement)

These events, as Iran’s official authorities claim, “Aliens are running the USA.” Can it be said that this aspect of the issue is highly debatable. But what is certain is that the so-called tall whites not only worked in Area 51, but also infiltrated meny of the US civil and military instititutions. (By the way, I wonder if an agency that allegedly researches UFOs might actually be hiding UFOs?Check here too!)

Although we cannot say on SpaceExplorer.TV “it’s real” or “not real”, there are more shocking claims that we can say “very likely to be true”. According to serious researchers in various countries of the world and even the claims of former Russian state officials, the effort of the extraterrestrial humen race called the Long Whites to take over the administration of the world, especially the USA, is at a very high level… What is more shocking is that they use very advanced technologies for this. While using robots that look completely humenoid. This is exactly where the rubber meets the road… Men in Black, which has been seen and spoken by thousands of people around the world and finally inspired the movie Men in Black, are actually advanced humenoid robots produced by tall white people that can look like us among us. All of them have the same physical features, the same height, the same body measurements, the same type of clothing: Black shoes, black pants, black jacket, black hat and white shirt…

Nowadays, the humenoid super robots (which can even make tens of different humen facial expressions and imitate emotions) announced by the Japanese to the world, have already developed, and affect the real humen (that is, us humens of the world with a biological structure) against these robots with some waves (causing pain, Tall whites, who have gained the ability to partially paralyze, temporarily paralyze, stun, access his memory, read his mind and predict his action, and erase his memory), may also be the subject of the famous Men in Black movie. Allegedly, the Men in Black were actually nothing more than robots used by the long white alien race among the people of the world, who, at first glance, seem to be different from the people of the world and therefore cannot interfere with us.

In the coming weeks, we will try to delve deeper into these issues with claims, sources, witnesses and comparisons…

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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