There are stars that still their light has not reached our world for billions of years

Just as the white of the egg surrounds the yolk and forms a circle around it, the first floor sky also encompasses the earth and other planets. The ratio of this world to the first floor of the sky is equal to the area occupied by a ring of Arabian peninsula. Each layer in the upper part of the sky is more excelent and larger than the layer below in terms of width and grandeur.

(In other words, the first floor sky is as much as a ring in the Arabian peninsula compared to the second floor sky, the second floor sky is as much as a ring in the Arabian peninsula compared to the third floor sky, the ratios of the seven layers to each other are always like this.)

Distance between the Earth and the farthest star from the Eearth, there is that much distance from that star to the first floor sky. The distance between planets is measured by the speed of light. Light travels an enormous distance of “three hundred thousand kilometers” per second. Since the light reached the earth in two seconds, it is understood that the closest star to the earth is “six hundred thousand kilometers” away. There are many stars in the universe whose light has not yet reached our world for thousands, millions and billions of years.

Süleyman Hilmi Tunahan (Kuddise Sirruh)


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