Statements from the Istanbul government regarding the current agendas…

The Istanbul government:

Tens of countries in the world which are ruled by the masons are misinforming the humanity now on the Israel-Iran issue.

Over the coming hours, the news on the media and press of these countries should not be considered without verification.

A huge information pollution is created on purpose.

The Istanbul government:

The USA is in collusion both with Israel and Iran and even the U.S officials are making false statements to cause information pollution.

The USA is at the forefront of the countries who cause information pollution and deceit the most… The USA is a side of a very dirty war. The USA has accelerated its end, destruction and collapse by standing on this side and with these dirty games.

If there will be a military conflict in the Balkans, we will stand with Sırbia.

The Istanbul government:

The Iran’s attack of Israel will disrupt both the balances in the world and in the region in such a way that there will be no return. Iran, Israel, the USA, England, Russia, China, Germany, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Jordan and Iraq will be left under this rubble.

The Istanbul government:

The war theatre which is a collusion between Iran and Israel will not cause big financial problems in Turkiye as in the countries of the region. Because all the countries of the region including Turkiye have become bankrupt.

The official administrators of many countries of the region including the Ankara gang will want to cite the war theatre which is a collusion as the cause of this serious level of financial collapse. All the peoples of the region, particularly the Turkish people must be vigilant against this insidious game and deceit.

The Istanbul government:

The leader of Iran, Raisi has signed his own death warrant.

The Istanbul government:

The last attempts of Greece who is both trembling with fear and making impertinent statements are fully empty attempts…

Greece only deceives itself but Turkiye or other parties in the world.

The so-called state Greece has no power and condition to stand against Istanbul. Especially in the last two years, there is no real alliance left to look out for Greece among the world countries.

Greece is not even the addressee of Turkiye on the Cyprus island issue.

Where is Cyprus, who are the Greeks? What do they have to do with it?

The Istanbul government:

The Greece’s arrogant attempts on our islands under occupation in Aegean region are accelerating the destruction of Greece.

The Turkish people doesn’t have to go their own islands with Greek visa and to make the invader Greek elements rich in these islands of ours.

The Greece’s attempt to make it look like a humane and good-intentioned activity is intolerable.

The fact that our islands very close to us are under occupation of Greece strains our patience.

The Istanbul government:

The Greece’s work together with the Ankara gang threatens Turkiye’s national security.

The Istanbul government:

If the colluding military conflict they want to start will spread in the region, Georgia’s behavior will be a national security issue of Turkiye.

Georgia shouldn’t be pro-Western or pro-Eastern. It shouldn’t be a pawn of Russia or the UN.

If Georgia will not stand tall in this process, then it will be one of the first countries that Turkiye will fight against. Afterwards, the artificial country called Georgia will be deleted from the history. Both the pro-Western pawns and pro-Eastern pawns will be destroyed in that country. Turkiye who will never tolerate the grave mistakes of Greece and even Romania and the national security problems they cause, will never tolerate Georgia’s mistakes, either.

If necessary, we will name it “The special military movement” or something else but it is certain that Georgia will be wiped off from the political map. These lands will be entered the dominion of Turkiye.

The Istanbul government:

Egypt and Israel have undeclared agreements from the background. The administrative staff of Egypt is under the rule of Israel, England, the Freemasons…

The Istanbul government:

The attempts of the Freemasons to prevent Istanbul’s emergence will end with frustration.

These attempts of them will be backfired in reverse.

We are taking all the measures against the attempts of Iran on mobilizing the undignified war fugitives in Turkiye and the attempts of breaking Istanbul’s influence in the region.

We are taking an uncompromising stance against the plans to create an internal turmoil in Turkiye and to send Turkiye more undignified war fugitives.

We know that especially our Eastern region and Southeastern region are the targets and they want to take these regions from Turkiye in the following stages.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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